Icons of mtg
Icons of mtg
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Bandeira USACharging CinderhornIcons of mtgIcons of mtg

Bandeira BRASILChifre-ígneo de Assalto

Bandeira ESPCuernolumbre a la carga

Creature — Elemental Ox

Haste At the beginning of each player's end step, if no creatures attacked this turn, put a fury counter on Charging Cinderhorn. Then Charging Cinderhorn deals damage equal to the number of fury counters on it to that player.


If Charging Cinderhorn leaves the battlefield in response to its triggered ability, it won’t get a new fury counter, but it will deal damage equal to the number of fury counters it had before leaving the battlefield.
Charging Cinderhorn’s triggered ability doesn’t trigger at all if a creature attacked this turn. It won’t get a fury counter or deal damage.