Icons of mtg
Icons of mtg
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Bandeira USARowdy CrewIcons of mtgIcons of mtgIcons of mtg

Bandeira BRASILTripulação Barulhenta

Bandeira ESPTripulación alborotada

Creature — Human Pirate

Trample When Rowdy Crew enters the battlefield, draw three cards, then discard two cards at random. If two cards that share a card type are discarded this way, put two +1/+1 counters on Rowdy Crew.


The discarded cards just need to share one card type. For example, Rowdy Crew will get two +1/+1 counters if you discard an artifact creature and an enchantment creature.
Once Rowdy Crew’s triggered ability begins to resolve, no player may take other actions until it’s done. Notably, you can’t discard or cast any of the cards you draw to try to rig the results of the random discard.