Is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Safe for Children?

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An informative article discussing the safety of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for children. Exploring its potential benefits, risks, and current safety guidelines.

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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has been used for over 50 years to improve healing and is recommended for children of all ages. 

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HBOT commonly treats pediatric conditions such as carbon monoxide poisoning, embolism, and wound healing. However, not all his HBOT facilities are suitable for pediatric care. 


Some facilities are trained only for adults, and some are not designed to treat children and parents together.

Children may not be equipped to provide effective treatment. Therefore, assessing whether you are ready to deploy HBOT is important. 

HBOT promotes healing, fights infection, increases oxygen flow, and improves tissue function. Essential for any age group health plan. 

Benefits Of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment In Children

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a non-invasive procedure that can be used to treat a variety of pediatric disorders. 

Children can nourish their cells, muscles, and organs by breathing pure hyperbaric oxygen and improving brain function and cognitive performance. 

HBOT can also stimulate the growth of new blood vessels and neurons in the brain, and when used with antibiotics, it can kill bacteria and fight infections. 

This oxygen also stimulates the release of stem cells and the formation of new blood vessels, speeds wound healing, and strengthens other body systems. 

Most children are not at risk for diseases such as diabetic ulcers and deep infections. 

However, pediatric hyperbaric oxygen therapy primarily treats hypospadias, damaged skin grafts, nondiabetic wounds, radiation injury from cancer therapy, and carbon monoxide poisoning. 

HBOT Process For Children

Since they may require anesthesia, lower pressure, or shorter treatment times than adults, children may react differently to HBOT treatment. 

Before starting therapy, parents should speak with a qualified professional about their child's unique needs. 

It could also be necessary to use specialized equipment, modify the hyperbaric chamber, and modify the oxygen mask or hood. 

How the treatment plan is modified may also be influenced by the child's reaction. Parents should closely monitor their child's growth and discuss concerns with their HBOT provider. 

With the proper care and thought, HBOT can be a safe and effective therapeutic choice for youngsters with various disorders.

Is There A Minimum Age For Oxygen Treatment?

Yes, there is a minimum age for oxygen therapy. Oxygen is essential, but too much oxygen can be harmful, especially to the developing lungs. 

Therefore, doctors usually prescribe oxygen therapy only for children at least a few months old with certain medical conditions requiring supplemental oxygen. 

Occasionally, premature infants may also need oxygen therapy. However, the dosage and duration of treatment will be closely monitored by a medical professional.

Oxygen therapy requires a doctor's prescription and guidance for safe and effective treatment. 

Proper supervision, carefully handling oxygen cylinders and concentrators, and following instructions will ensure a safe and effective experience. 

Is Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Safe for Autistic Children? 

There are still a few research that proves that autistic children can be helped with constant hyperbaric oxygen treatment. However, when it comes to experimentation, many have provided positive reviews for HBOT. However, does that means hyperbaric oxygen treatment is a safe option for autistic children?


Let’s find out!

There are some potential risks that you should look into before allowing your autistic child to be inside a hyperbaric oxygen treatment chamber.

Seizure: Autistic children can suffer from more seizures. Thus, keeping them inside a closed chamber can have some neurological effects, leading to seizures.

Ear barotrauma is a condition that can occur when the pressure in the ears does not equalize properly during HBOT. Ear barotrauma can cause pain, hearing loss, and other problems.

Body decompression sickness also has the potential to affect the spectrum child within the Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Chamber. This is probably because 100% oxygen might not be equally distributed throughout the body. Therefore, the places it doesn’t reach can cause tissue damage.

Since the scientific research doesn’t back up HBOT for autistic children, it should be an option considered after consulting with a doctor. They can help you weigh the risks and benefits of the treatment and make an informed decision.

How To Prepare A Child For The Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Children in a space-age room can experience loneliness, claustrophobia, confusion, and boredom. Understanding and addressing these concerns is important to ensure your comfort and safety. 

Let your child know that you are next to the chamber, that professional staff is available for support, and that entertainment and communication systems are available for questions and concerns.

It is important that your child has something to eat a few hours before the session to avoid feeling hungry or full. 

The liquid may take up to 15 minutes to decompress in the chamber. Therefore, in emergencies, it may be best to release on the day of the session. The liquid may splash into the child's body. 

Therefore, it is important not to consume alcohol or caffeine prior to your session to prevent vasoconstriction and blood sugar spikes. 

Before your child receives hyperbaric oxygen therapy, ensuring a balanced diet and avoiding interfering substances is best.

Finding HBOT Chambers For Children

It might be difficult to locate acceptable HBOT chambers for kids, but it is doable with the correct tools and knowledge. Parents should consider the chamber's reputation, location, and staff credentials. 

Monoplace and multiplace HBOT chambers are the two primary varieties. Multiplace chambers may hold many individuals simultaneously, whereas monoplace chambers are made for one person at a time. 

A multiplace chamber may be preferable for treating youngsters since it enables parental or carer presence. 

The chamber size is also important since some kids could experience claustrophobia in a limited area. Before making a choice, parents should enquire about the size and layout of the chamber.

Be Informed Before Taking Your Child To An HBOT Session

Given that HBOT involves a hyperbaric chamber and elevated pressure, which can result in pain or hazards if improperly regulated, parents should be informed about their child's HBOT treatments. 


Individuals should be aware of medical experts' advantages, hazards, and training and expertise. 

Also, they must be informed of current medical issues or prescription drugs that can influence their child's reaction to the therapy. 

Knowing all of the facts aids parents in deciding if HBOT is the best course of action given their child's particular requirements and circumstances. 

Before beginning any new therapy or treatment, get the advice of a reputable healthcare expert. 

HBOT can be a secure and efficient treatment choice for kids with particular medical issues with the right investigation and advice.