Ways How iGaming Industry Promotes In Gaming

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Today we will see how companies are simulating casinos through family video games

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Do you know that video games have been used for promoting gambling for years? Believe it or not, this is more common than you may believe and something we will discuss today. It is a common trend among players who use UK casinos with credit card deposits when they decide to try something else. There are multiple facts we must reveal, or better said many ways these companies are using to promote gambling. Let’s see all of them.

Non GamStop Games Within Safe Video Games

Let’s start with the most obvious and the most effective option. Non GamStop gambling games is a common thing among legit casino operatorslink outside website and the one that gamers actually like. It gives them more freedom and a way to complete the main game easier and faster. The best example is GTA with a casino. Then we have many others including SIMS. Believe it or not, this is an extremely common option these days and many PC games allow you to play some sort of a casino game or a gambling game.


Not all of these are actual casino games. In some cases, you can play special casino games that are developed for that PC game specifically. An interesting fact here is that players loved these games so much that they started playing them outside video games. Now you can find all kinds of games that come from well-known video games and that are unique. We can see that in this case the gambling industry and the video developers benefit from this action at the same time.

Diamond Casino & Resort in GTA San Andreas
Diamond Casino & Resort in GTA San Andreas

This is still a new thing and something you can see in selected games only. But, it is increasing as we speak and the result is massive. New games will probably come with gambling games built-in and they will offer so much more. Some of these have been even used by gamblers who want to learn how to gamble before they invest real money.

Gambling Simulation Games

This is another extremely common method companies have been using. Basically, you can find and download simulation casino games. It is a common thing when players replace gambling with video gameslink outside website and providers know it. The best comparison would be a video slot. Now, in a real casino slot, you must deposit funds, claim bonuses if you want to then play. In these games, you don’t have to do these things. You can simply download the game and play it.

At first sight, all of this may sound ordinary and pure fun only. But, this is not the whole story. First of all, you will win virtual coins or points while playing these games. Some of these are even available on social media so you can compete with your friends. The second is that these games offer you limited spins. In other words, this means that you will have to purchase more credit or more spins if you want to play. At the end of the day, it looks more like gambling than you may believe.

These games allow you to get a similar experience as when playing actual casino games. But, there are some issues. Most of the games do not offer bonuses or promotions of any kind. You won’t get this issue at an online casino. All of these offer bonuses and promotions to players. Then there is the obvious. You will have to purchase the credit or spins in order to win virtual coins that don’t have any purpose. The more you play, the more credit you will need. At the end of the day, it looks like you will play a casino slot with real money where you can’t get a jackpot. It defeats the purpose. It is a much better option to play a real casino slot with verification from casino operatorlink outside website where you can actually win and where you can get bonuses.


Ads are all around us. These come in all kinds of options, characteristics and so much more. Well, some of these are designed to help you want to gamble more. These ads are very successful. Some are going to present you with a clear and interesting link between gambling and playing video games. Others will be focused on gambling only while the third will just help you understand that gambling is fun.


We can see these ads built-in the games and we can see games and companies using the ads to get what they want. There is a simple explanation of why and how this works. Video games are not well-regulated and there are not a lot of rules they must follow. This means that a gambling company can implement ads for this purpose that are very successful. We believe that once this is sorted out and new regulations are common, we will see a massive change in all of this and there will be fewer ads of this kind.

The Final Word

Either video or board gameslink outside website are excellent and one of many mediums used by gambling companies. They do the obvious thing. They promote gambling, make it more appealing and more desirable. There are multiple ways this is done and we have covered all of the main ones. The next time you see one of these options, you will know why it is used and how. There are a lot of interesting options in this case scenario and there are even more facts you will need to check out.