Online Slot Features: What Should You Look For?

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Discover the key features to consider when choosing an online slot game. From bonus rounds to RTP, this article provides valuable insights to enhance your gaming experience.

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When playing online slot games, there are several features that you can access to help boost your win potential. If you are familiar with classic land-based slots, you know games can have wild symbols and offer free spins. With online slot gaming, the same great features are available, with many games offering multiple options to help you earn a win.

Below are a few key features you should look for when finding slots to play. Each game feature gives you more ways to win cash prizes or incentives. Check the game info section to see which features are provided before you start spinning.


Wild Symbols

Wild symbols are a staple in slot gaming, offering players a substituting icon to help create winning combinations. Wilds come in many forms and can help to create wins or access to special features. Some games may have more than one wild symbol, with different incentives attached to each icon. Games with multiple wild symbols are the best option for players as they provide the most win potential with several ways to obtain a matching symbol combination.

Free Spins

Scatter symbols or wilds are often connected to free spin rounds. You need three or more of the special icons to trigger a set of free spins. Some games offer a set number of spins for any three or more scatters, while other games may offer you more spins with a four or five-symbol match. You can see exactly what you need to trigger the round by reading the info section of the game.

Bonus Rounds

One of the most popular features a slot game can offer is a bonus round. This type of round can come in many forms. You can trigger bonus rounds with wilds, scatters, or other icons. A bonus round can include a secondary screen with an interactive elementlink outside website, which makes the game even more fun. You may be asked to pick from items, spin a wheel, or take another action to earn more prize potential. Some games offer one bonus round, while others may include several on the reels.


The multiplier element can be connected to several aspects of a slot game. Multipliers may be connected to wild wins or free spins. You may have a growing multiplier that increases based on certain occurrences in the game. The options are limitless, and with the multipliers, you can secure larger prizes from standard wins. Some games may offer 100x multipliers or 1,000x, helping you to earn huge jackpots in the game.


Another option similar to a bonus round is a mini-game. This option is less frequent in slot gaming but is highly appealing to players. You can trigger a mini-game and enjoy an interactive game on the reels. Mini-games can vary greatly, so you may find a shooting arcade-style game with one slot, while another may provide a match game.


If you want access to the most ways to win, pick slots with a Megaways component. This feature gives you many ways to earn a prize, with some titles offering over 100,000 ways to win. The mechanic is popping up as an add-on to popular slot games, making it easy for players to try and bring in more big wins. When you visit an online casino, look for the Megaways tab or search for the word in the search box to see if the site offers this game type.

Hold & Win

Another mechanic that slots often possess is the Hold & Win option. This game type will include special symbols that will hold when the feature is triggered. The more of the same symbol you hold, the better your chance of winning a jackpot prize. This game can include three or more jackpot prizes that offer payouts based on your wager.



Now that you know what types of features to look for with slot games, you can spend your time finding quality titles to enjoy. There are several resources at your disposal to find excellent slots with special features, plus online casino sites to play with. Online-casinos-nj.comlink outside website is a prime example of a quality resource, offering insight into casino games and sites available in New Jersey. Do your homework for sites in your area before you get started to ensure you can enjoy a quality reel-spinning experience.