How Do You Play the Card Game Horse Races

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Have you ever bet in horse racing? You don't need to actually have a horse, they created a card game that achieved the style and thrilling the horse race give

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Horse racing has been a popular sport for hundreds of years now and it is hard to deny its influence across many industries. In this particular case, we are interested in a rather odd but very fun to play and popular card game that got its name after the “Sport of Kings”.

Horse racing has always been based on two principles, the fastest horseslink outside website racing down the finish line and betting along the way. It seems like this card game translates both of these principles but in a form of a game played with cards.


If you want to play with real hose races, you can find horse racing betting sites not on gamstoplink outside website.

What Do You Need In Order to Play Horse Race Game with cards?

Well, you don’t need many things to get you started. The first and most important thing is a standard deck of 52 playing cards, that can be found in anyone’s home. Any standard deck would do, but if you want to go a step further choose a nicer plastic playing card to improve the overall experience.

You can also buy cups and transform this game into a drinking card game where drinks act as bets.

How to Play Horse Races Card Game?

Once you obtained your standard deck of cardslink outside website, it is time to decide which player is going to be the announcer. This is the guy who actually does anything in the game and his responsibility is to prepare each race by going through the deck and taking out the aces.

In the Horse Races Card game each Ace represents a Horse.

Each Ace is laid at the end of the table to represent the gates. All aces are laid face up next to each other just like at a start of a horse race.

The announcer then shuffles the deck and deals an arbitrary number (in most cases 6, 7, or 8) face-down cards in a straight line at the right angle to the row of aces. The goal is to end up with an L-shape layout of playing cards when one of them is face up (Aces) and the others are face-down.


Once all cards are on the table, it is time for some betting action. This section of the game can depend on how seriously you want to play it. For example, a casual play would only bet on the winning horse (Ace) but if you want to play it like a real deal, you can include other bets like Win/Place/Show, Exacta, Trifecta, etc.

When it comes to the prize, it is also down to personal preference. Most people play this game by betting drinkslink outside website and whichever loses has to drink them, but you can also play it with real money.

Even though it is a card game, the betting is quite fun and the situation intensifies as the Aces come closer to the finish line.

How the Game is Played?

After all the bets are placed, it is time to start the race. The announcer flips the first card from the left row and matches the suit of that card with the Ace on the line. Whichever Ace has the same suit as the card moves forward 1 point.

A good announcer will narrate the action between the horses, so it is a good idea to choose someone that is more communicative.

Sketch of how to play Horse Race card game
Sketch of how to play Horse Race card game

The announcer keeps flipping cards in order, advancing the horses based on the suits of the cards that are being flipped. The winner is the first horse that manages to pass the finish line. The finish line can be distanced as many points as you want.

For a longer and more thrilling game, including more points that get to the finish line can make the game more interesting. However, this is down to personal preference. You can also play shorter races where the bets reset after each race.


Each Ace has the same probability of winning and it is very fun to play, especially if the situation intensifies and there is a close race down the finish line.