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Best Players in the MLBB to Watch Out For

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As Esports keeps expanding, Mobile Online Battle Arena games are widely played. Today, we will explore the top MLBB games in the world.

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As bookmakers allow betting on MLBB matcheslink outside website, it has contributed to its growth into one of the most popular MOBA titles. Anyone can install this game on their mobile device and compete online, leading to many MLBB players on the internet.

This game undoubtedly has many players, but there are extraordinary ones. This has also made the competition directly contested across the globe. Today, we will explore the top MLBB games in the world.


Edward “Edward” Dapadap

Edward “Edward” Dapadap is a 19-year-old Filipino who plays as EXP Laner for Blacklist International. Many believe he is the best Mobile Legends gamer in the world right now. His exceptional shooting skills have made him very important to his team. He has earned over $165,000 and has appeared in many play-offs.

Edward’s performances over the years have earned him multiple MVP awards amongst many trophies. Some tournaments he won include the M3 World Championship, MPL Philippines Season 7, Season 8, and Season 10. With an impressive showdown in the 2023 outing with his side, we anticipate he will continue in 2024.

Muhammad “Butsss” Sanubari

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Muhammad Satrya Sanubari is another top player in the MLBB community, and he’s from Indonesia. Butsss, as he is fondly called, joined Fnatic ONIC in June 2020 and is an EXP Laner, one of the best in this position. His aggressive jungling and signature Chou is what many love about this 23-year-old, and his performance has earned him more than $192,000 and awards.

Butsss has had an outstanding career, becoming champion eight times since 2021. He won the MPL Indonesia Season 8, 10, 11, and 12. He and his teammates were the first to win it 3 in a row. Likewise, he won the MLBB Southeast Asia Cup 2023. Finishing second in the M5 World Championship in 2023, you should anticipate an impressive and entertaining 2024 from him and the team.

Nicky “Kiboy” Pontonuwu

Nicky Fernando Pontonuwu is another top Mobile Legends player from Indonesia. He joined Fnatic ONIC in 2021 and has had an incredible career since then. Playing the role of Roamer for his team, he is versatile and masters heroes with ease. Kiboy has contested in many play-offs, and his impressiveness has earned him awards, over $182,000, and championships.

Meanwhile, he won the MPL Indonesia three times in a row with Butsss and the rest of the team. Also, he is the MLBB Southeast Asia Cuplink outside website 2023 champion and has won the MVP awards. Building on his 2023 performance, he appears strong and tipped to be a key player in 2024.

Angelo “Pheww” Arcangel

Angelo Kyle Arcangel is another Filipino doing great in the world of MLBB. Pheww, as often called, was born in June 1999, and he joined Falcons AP.Bren in January 2020. He plays the Mid Laner role for the team, which has helped the team win many championships. Arcangel is one of the top earners in Mobile Legends globally, with over $225,000 earned.

Ever since coming second in the first season of MPL Philippines, he has won the competition three times. He also won the M2 and M5 World Championshipslink outside website and is the highest earner in the Mobile Legends world. Aside from holding the most MPL Philippines savages record with 4, he is a 2024 inductee for the MPL Philippines Hall of Legends.


Finishing 2023 strong, he has started 2024 impressively as anticipated. He is the runner-up in the 12th season of MPL Philippines. With him not showing any sign of slowing down, this 24-year-old is a gamer to watch out for in 2024.

Join the Fierce Competition

MLBB is one of the top Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games in Esports, and you can join the fierce competition. This is because there are numerous tournaments you can play. Since the game works on mobile devices, many players have queued in and enjoyed the game.

You can join the adrenaline rush by competing with top gamers from around the world. Of course, you must hone your skills and find a competitive team with a matching purpose. Punting on the events is another way to join the fierce competition, and ensure you do this responsibly.