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Quiz: How much do you know about Overwatch?

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Do you think you know everything about Overwatch? Come test out your knowledge about the game by taking a quick and fun Quiz!

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translated by Joey Sticks

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revised by Tabata Marques

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Answer these 12 questions to gauge your knowledge of Overwatch!

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Which of these heroes WASN'T released alongside the game?

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PharahCorrect symbol

Answer image

MoiraCorrect symbol

Answer image

LucioCorrect symbol

Answer image

JunkratCorrect symbol

Question image

What's the name of this map?

Lijiang TowerCorrect symbol

BusanCorrect symbol

NepalCorrect symbol

OasisCorrect symbol

Question image

What is Doomfist's role?

TankCorrect symbol

SupportCorrect symbol

DamagerCorrect symbol

None of the aboveCorrect symbol

Question image

What game mode is played in this map?

EscortCorrect symbol

PushCorrect symbol

ControlCorrect symbol

Capture the FlagCorrect symbol

In Overwatch, each hero has an origin (nationality). Which of these characters is Brazilian?

Answer image

JunkratCorrect symbol

Answer image

LucioCorrect symbol

Answer image

DoomfistCorrect symbol

Answer image

AnaCorrect symbol

Question image

There are two characters in Overwatch which are siblings. Who are they?

Ana and PharahCorrect symbol

Cassidy and AsheCorrect symbol

Reaper and Soldier 76Correct symbol

Genji and HanzoCorrect symbol

Question image

What is the name of Overwatch's evil organization?

TalonCorrect symbol

IlluminatiCorrect symbol

E.V.I.L. LeagueCorrect symbol

NoxusCorrect symbol

Question image

In which year were Overwatch and Overwatch 2 released, respectively?

2016 and 2021Correct symbol

2016 and 2022Correct symbol

2017 and 2021Correct symbol

2017 and 2022Correct symbol

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Whose ability is this?

ReaperCorrect symbol

Soldier 76Correct symbol

CassidyCorrect symbol

AsheCorrect symbol

Question image

In 2022, the Halloween Event brought an unseen mode to Overwatch, completely new. Which is the name of this event?

Frenzied StampedeCorrect symbol

Wrath of the BrideCorrect symbol

Shocking SurpriseCorrect symbol

Volatile ZomnicsCorrect symbol

Question image

What map is this?

Route 66Correct symbol

Circuit RoyalCorrect symbol

DoradoCorrect symbol

JunkertownCorrect symbol

Question image

What is the name of this ability?

Guardian AngelCorrect symbol

Angelic DescentCorrect symbol

Hover JetsCorrect symbol

ValkyrieCorrect symbol