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Top 5 GTA Games – Ranked

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Explore the best Grand Theft Auto (GTA) games of all time in this comprehensive ranking article. From Vice City to GTA V, discover the top 5 titles and their impact on gaming culture.

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Be it Vice City or San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto - GTA has never failed to take a step ahead of everyone. For nearly three decades, Rockstar Studios has presented us pure gems. As kids, a lot of memories are attached to every single game. Moreover, the recent trailer of GTA 6 has proved that Rockstar’s iconic games have still a lot of following.

However, that’s not the point. We all know how great these games were. So, how about we embark on a journey to rank some of the GTA’s games? It may enlighten a new spark to play those masterpieces once again while you wait for GTA 6.


So, what do you say? Let’s get started.

1. GTA V:

While there’s an apparent reason why GTV 5 tops the list, there are many things to consider. Based on it, from maps to the storyline, fans can only imagine the improvements to come in GTA 6.

Nevertheless, let’s stick to GTA V for now. The most exciting feature of this game was the entry of three playable characters. Before this, there weren’t many games with multiple characters. Also, each character has its own story with a unique personality. So, there can’t be any doubts about why people are still stuck in 2013 when GTA V was released.

Almost every one of us has played the game and we know how interactive it is. Previously, non-player characters (NPCs) weren’t very engaging. However, this is the first instance in the GTA series’ history that NPCs respond to your character’s actions.

Moreover, the biggest addition was the GTA 5 online mode. Providing a wholesome experience to players around the world, we consider the online mode as the best addition to the game. Why? Because there are so many things to do after completing the game. This game raised the bar that instead of going out on an illogical killing spree, you can compete with players online.

However, playing the online mode has some requirements. The most important one is to have a solid internet connection. Because an ordinary connection with a limited bandwidth cannot provide a seamless gaming experience.

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2. GTA San Andreas:

San Andreas was released in 2004. Technology wasn’t making waves around back then and overall graphics weren’t applaudable either. However, Rockstar released this powerpack when no one was expecting it to be more of an ordinary game.

Nevertheless, we all knew how this game turned out, and many enjoyed this game more than any other thing. Rockstar Studios didn’t experiment a lot with this game. They kept everything very normal; from the storyline to the vehicles, everything was basic, yet captivating.

The exciting addition was its map. Introducing an open-map game back in 2004 was a bold move. However, GTA’s gamble paid off and they’re still reaping its dividends. Character-wise, players had full authority over the character. From managing Carl’s love life to getting a ripped body, players could do it all.

3. GTA Vice City:

You might be wondering why haven’t we put GTA Vice City or some also called it GTA 4 on number three. You can call us a little biased, but GTA Vice City makes it to the third-best GTA game ever. Hold on, we’ll justify why we have ranked Vice City above GTA 4.

GTA Vice City set the tone for upcoming games. A good map, an interesting storyline, betrayal, cool vehicles, and Tommy’s brave character; was there anything missing in Vice City? Graphics-wise, Vice City wasn’t bad either, considering how inferior the tech was in 2002.


However, some missions were too difficult to accomplish and the unavailability of the whole map did frustrate the players. Also, we think it’s illogical to lock the bride’s gates when you can travel via sea.

4. GTA 4:

We don’t hold any grudge against GTA 4, but childhood games hit differently. But that doesn’t take anything away from GTA 4. While Vice City and San Andreas peeked at how GTA games would look in the future, GTA 4 set the stage for GTA 5.

Nico is still one of the most loved and thrilling characters. But it wasn’t all about Nico. Be it missions, vehicles, or cinematic storytelling, everything was top-notch.

However, the major drawback in the game looked like the map. While the map was big enough to explore, it made the game lag at some points. Buildings and sceneries took some seconds to load which wasn’t a good experience for the players.

5. GTA 3:

Prior to this game, Rockstar Studios wasn't a very big fan of TPP. It was GTA 3 which started everything. From an open world to attractive vehicles, there wasn’t really much before GTA 3.

Although GTA 3 was the cornerstone project to work on, it failed to live up to the expectations. For example, Rockstar only provided 47 missions and none could give a tough time to players. As for the map, it wasn’t a really big one and had few things to explore. Nevertheless, GTA 3 laid down the foundations of what was to come in the coming decades.

Winding Up:

It’s been almost three decades since the GTA series became the undisputed king of open-world games, and they’re not stopping anytime soon. With GTA 6 releasing next time, things have already started to spice up the gaming world.