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Top 5 LoR Champions from Bandle City

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Discover the powerful champions from Bandle City in Legends of Runeterra, as we explore the top 5 picks that will dominate the battlefield with their unique abilities and strategic gameplay.

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Legends of Runterra (LoR) is a card game that features champions from different regions like Bandle City. Champions are special types of units that can level up to make your decks stronger. Home to the yordles, Bandle City has over 10 champions that can make a ton of difference during battles in LoR. 

Take a look at the top 5 LoR Champions from Bandle City to help you defeat your opponents in the exciting card game. 


Rumble is a champion with a wild heart. The blue creature from Bandle City can be an exceptional champion in LoRlink outside website. It can cost up to 4 mana to use Rumble per round. The collectible card can be bought for 3000 shards in the game. You can play the Rumble card in LoR matches to discard up to 3 cards to grant your allies Rumbles everywhere. 


It can be used to increase the damage of your attacks. Rumble allows people to use Quick Attack, dealing damage to opponents on guard before they can block any hits. You can level up Rumble to provide an additional 12 damage to allies in fights. 

A level 1 Rumble can sound threatening in LoR. Hearing the voice of Rumble when summoned can strike fear into the eyes of the enemy. Players can combine a Primal Strength card with Rumble in their decks to gain bonus Power and health per turn. Units like Conchologist can be placed to cast a spell on enemies using Manifest. Spells like Scrapheap can be cast with Rumble on the deck to fight foes with a Mecha Yordle. 

Common cards like the Hexplosive Minefield can be used with Rumble to stun enemies. It takes less than 2 mana to use Hexplosive Minefield in a match. You can unlock the Landmark card for 100 shards. The unique abilities of Rumble are suited for people who like to play Gauntlets in LoR. You can use the champion card Rumble to win seven matches in a row easily to finish Gauntlets. 


Yuumi is an adorable kitten from Bandle City. The LoR champion is an amazing pick for taking the first action in a match. Yuumi requires 3 mana to be used in battles. She can grant 1 Power and 1 Health to players at the start of a round. You can level up Yuumi to attack your opponents up to 3 times. 

The League of Legends - LoLlink outside website champion is a playable character in the Path of Champions game mode. Relics from the Path of Champions game mode in LoR can be applied to Yuumi to gain an advantage in battles. Banshee’s Veil is a relic that can protect you from spells cast by your enemy while having Yuumi in your deck. People can attach Yuumi to a card that is played to increase its stats without taking damage.

Sharesies is a spell that can be resourceful for players with Yuumi on their deck. By consuming 2 mana, Sharesies can provide units and champions attached to Yuumi its stats and keywords. People frequently using Yuumi in their decks can play Glacial Saurian to grant additional stats to their top 3 units. LoR players can negate incoming damage from enemies using Pix! from the Lonia region to last longer in battles. Pix! also provides 2 Power and 1 Health after applying a Barrier in LoR matches.  


Teemo is an expert at setting traps in LoR games. A majority of LoR players use Teemo in their decks to plant Poison Puffcaps on enemy cards. You can deal up to 5 damage to an enemy Nexus with Teemo. The Elusive keyword of Teemo prevents most attacks from missing their targets in their matches. 

You can double the damage dealt by Teemo with Clump of Whumps. Gamers can create a Mushroom Cloud using Clump of Whumps to create additional Poison Puffcaps in a round. The Puffcap Peddler can boost the abilities of Teemo in a match for 3 mana. The Follower card can be bought for 100 shards. You have a better chance of drawing Teemo and Puffcap Peddler by using the spell Insider Knowledge. Fast spells like Insider Knowledge let players draw 2 cards at once to defeat their enemies effortlessly. 



Kennen can strike opponents by dodging blocks using Quick Attack. The Bandle City champion needs 3000 shards to be unlocked in LoR. You can play the champion card, Kennen, to create Mark of the Storm to stun your enemy. 

Fae Bladetwirler can be added to the deck to gain bonus Power after stunning your opponents with Kennen. Cards with low mana cost like Wuju Style can grant up to 2 Power in a round to destroy opponents in LoR matcheslink outside website. Players can also have Concussive Palm in their deck to stun enemies after using Kennen to disarm their foes. 


Gnar can launch a strike on its enemies to create a Pokey Stick. Players can deal 1 damage to any card on an enemy deck and draw an additional card by using Gnar. You can make Gnar available in LoR for 1 Champion Wildcard. Gnar can be leveled up by dealing damage to an enemy Nexus during a round. It has 3 Power and 3 Health, making Gnar a well-rounded champion in LoR. It is one of the most reliable champions from Bandle City to use in your decks to win in the card game.