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CCG > FAQ (Frequent Asked Questions)

This session is made to answer any question that may have passed in your mind when you entered in this fabulous site named Cards Realm.

What is Cards Realm?

Cards Realm was formed by a group of friends who felt that our world of Magic: The Gathering was missing a lot. We want a website to have everything a fun or professional player needs.

What is the Cards Realm mission?

Give the power to all player to share and change the realm of cards.

What is the source of the prices of my cards?

We do have a lot of partners for card prices: TCGPlayer, Cardmarket and Card Kingdom

Where the images and others data of the cards come from?

We gather data of different sites. But we are speacially thankfull to SCRYFALL. Support them for they aewsome job. Click here to support them: scryfall

Which TAGS can be used in the comment or forum section?

[link](link's url)(link's text) generates a link.
[image](image's url in https)(image's caption) generates an image
[deck](deck's id) generates a deck
[[card's name]] generates a link to a card
[h1]{text} transform text in title
[youtube](youtube's url) add a youtube video
{{r}} add red color symbol, we have lots of symbol in our database