5 Best Discord Gambling Bots

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Here we will list 5 discord gambling bot that will help your server make real cash from bets

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Discord not only enables the use of bots, but also provides its own virtual gambling bots that you can link to your channels or install on your servers. That is why the application of these bots is absolutely legitimate. This is a great gaming experience that helps you to memorize the rules properly, create your own tactics and later gain real winnings in real online casinos. Besides, if you wish to test your fortune in an ordinary but reliable online casino https://nongamstopcasinos.netlink outside website again, you can always take advantage of the most legitimate online casinolink outside website and choose the option you prefer.


What is a Discord gambling bot?

Discord gambling bots represent special technical accounts that you can add and require, and then adjust to your preferences. The bot you need can simply be searched for, and they all have a different rating. After you have added and customized your bot, you are able to extend invitations to others. It is very necessary that the bot is activated, or you just won't manage to complete the necessary transactions within it. Configuring Discord gambling bots is another, slightly technical subject that you will have to figure out. Nevertheless, most of the ready-made commands and setups can be found on the Internet. You just need to copy and paste these commands.

Discord bots are really simple — they're just RNG with minimum animation. They are the foundation of most gambling games. Meanwhile, the bot doesn't charge real money from gamblers, which is excellent, as bots are complicated to be regulated outside or licensed. Therefore, discord gambling is what you can engage in without risking money, but simply having fun, thrill and joy.

Additionally, the Gambling Bot is considered the most popular choice in Italy, with it's 168,000 servers. One of the contributing factors could be that certain gamblers find themselves excluded from conventional online casinos and are actively seeking casino no AAMslink outside website alternatives, that bypass the constraints of Italian gambling regulations (AAMs). These alternatives provide them with the freedom to gamble without limitations. While Discord bots may not replicate the exact experience of traditional online casinos, they do offer a better option than having no alternative at all.

5 best discord gambling bots

When searching for the best discord gambling bots, pick the ones that are rated the highest. You can see the leaderboards where there are the best bots.

Users can add and guest as many bots as they want to the server. Afterwards, you need to provide them with permissions (roles) for them to be able to give commands in the channel. Every command is a specific bot feature that is set in a form/keyword.

TOP-5 best gambling bots:

  • Gambling Bot #2028
  • Rocket Gambling Bot (RGB)
  • MEE6
  • Night Lemur
  • Gamble Bot

At this point, we will consider the specifics of each of these bots.

Gambling Bot #2028

Gambling Bot #2028 can be regarded as one of the best gambling bots for Discord. It is a versatile bot that enables you to gamble in the most beloved and trending games including blackjack, dice, as well as slot machines.

This bot also lets you make real cash. For instance, you can receive funds for just entering the system, and also for casting votes on the server. Because of this, together with the availability of useful and exclusive functions, Gambling Bot is currently available on 100,000 servers.

Rocket Gambling Bot

Rocket is a gambling bot for Discord, where you can enter the leadership table and play for scores and accomplishments. Players' wagers are also welcomed, but virtual money is accepted rather than real ones. Besides, virtual money in RGB is also available for in-app purchases. In addition, the bot may be linked to an Australian deposit casino and players can gamble there using a minimal investment of $10. Finally, you can play a multiplayer game: Connect Four.



MEE6 is the most advanced of all the presented bots. It completes some functions automatically. For instance, it can create greeting notifications, explain the game rules, or distribute tasks between players.

Night Lemur

Night Lemur is a genuine discovery for traditional gamblers, particularly for those who enjoy night poker. It is impossible to get some games in other bots. Casino amusements are here at full capacity: Texas Hold'em, 7-card stud and lots of other variants. It is recommended that users follow individual financial bots for money-making choices. In such circumstances, Night Lemur is practically a real online casino.

Gambling Bot

Gamble Bot is not less successful than its counterparts. More than 20,000 Discord servers have installed it and players continue to leave positive reviews. Gambling in Gamble Bot is free. Mostly players launch slots here as this platform provides a diversity and a lot of helpful functions.


Create and customize Discord bots and enjoy the fun. Everything is now up to you to choose when and under which circumstances to gamble. Remember not to compromise — look for an awesome bot that will bring you the most exciting night out.