Classroom Math Games for Learning and Fun

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Constant repetition of similar math problems can significantly lower your productivity, hence why you should implement little tweaks to your learning process.

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Most math students report how easily they get bored with mundane exercises that are pretty much indifferent from one another. While mathematics might be the most powerful school subject, many schools simply don’t teach it the fun way. If you happen to be into math and need some variety in your education process, you’re in the right place.

Below, you will find a few useful math games for the classroom to utilize in order to have more fun while efficiently learning. Be sure to share them with your fellow students and socialize together, all while obtaining knowledge!



Brainie icon
Brainie icon

This is one of the most popular games with examples of pre algebra problems, perfect for young kids aspiring to master math. If you’re on the go and still want to practice while traveling, this is a perfect choice. It’s a variation of tetris, where you have to solve pre algebra problems and equations. This game will help you keep up with your tight learning schedule, and if you ever encounter any issues, you can discuss your pre algebra questions with your group of friends. Become a regular player, and you will soon notice how all your pre algebra questionslink outside website and answers will become clear.

Math Lines Integers

This game will sharpen your skill when it comes to summing values. This is one of many math games for grade 4-6, requiring knowledge of common mathematical theory. The task of gamerslink outside website is to choose a specific target value, and shoot colorful balls with different numbers in order to match your chosen target.

Math Lines Integers
Math Lines Integers

If you’re tired of reading research papers, this fun way of training your basic math skills combined with your reaction time, you’ll enjoy this simple title for days. The colorful, yet minimalistic design is another plus if you need to focus heavily.

In this game, you’ll practice:

  • positive and negative numbers
  • value regarding rational numbers
  • absolute value of rational numbers


This famous mobile game has been around for quite some time, bringing in new college students each year to play. It’s one of the most simple, yet still the best math games according to many students. If you ever happen to get tired of reading school books and free essay samples, this might be your springboard for some fun.

2048 logo
2048 logo

In this game, you will find yourself practicing squares and fractions, and it literally takes one minute to grasp the idea. You simply connect small dice starting from 1 and 2, all the way up to 2048 and beyond. But do not get too smart – this game is actually harder than it looks, and you will soon realize it upon downloading to your phone!


This game is a similar production to 2048, but its availability makes it worth mentioning it. This time, all the cubes are the multiples of 3, allowing you to practice different values of not only even, but also odd numbers.

Threes! logo
Threes! logo

This option makes this a common choice in the area of math games for teachers, looking to improve the multiplying abilities of their class via number gameslink outside website. Many students have reported their increased skills and even state that their brain ‘slowly becomes working like a calculator’.



Now that you have some idea of games suitable for your classroom at different levels and grades, it’s time to introduce fun and variety to your process of learning math, all while expanding your knowledge. Be sure to not only solve your regular textbook problems, but also check out free essays available online, as well as the games mentioned above.

No matter how advanced you are, remember - math doesn’t have to be boring and repetitive. It’s all up to your creativity and dedication!