Sylas, Ekko and Nunu: Riot Forge announces Three New Games

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2023 brings more news for Riot Games fans! Riot Forge sets out to release 3 new games this year after the overwhelming success of The Ruined King and Hextech Mayhem last year, in 2022.

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Riot Forge announced this Wednesday, the 15th, that they would be releasing three new games for their 2023 run. Fans rejoiced at the long-awaited Nunu game, and were even more excited to see two more titles added to the company's release schedule.

The Nunu game, particularly, has been long leaked by internet sleuths who found the original trademark license for the game, Song of Nunu.

The surprises came for the champions Sylas and Ekko, who each got their very own game.

The three games are very different in nature and are sure to capture many players' hearts.


Check out below a few shots and our suspicions regarding the new titles:

Song of Nunu - An aesthetic Puzzle game

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Fans speculate that this game will feature pair mechanics, as players will have to use both Nunu and Willump to crack down puzzles of different kinds. This game was developed in collaboration with Tequila Works, more known for its puzzle game, Rime, and is set to release in Fall 2023.

You can check out more details about Song of Nunu here:

CONV/RGENCE - A Sidescroller for Ekko

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From the looks of it, Ekko got his own sidescroller, maybe a platform one like Mario's. It was developed in collaboration with Double Stallion, more known for its combat-racer, Speed Brawl, and is set to release in Summer 2023.

You can check out more details about CONV/RGENCE here:

The Mageseeker - Action Top Down

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Sylas will continue his journey to set the record straight with Demacia's Mageseekers in this game, which looks like an Action Top Down game, a reference to the perspective of the camera following the main character. Digital Sun, the studio who collaborated in developing this game, is known for a Rogue-like game, Moonlighter. The Mageseeker is set to release in Spring 2023.

This game is the most secretive of the three, but there are some clues about it in the main trailer.

An exciting year for fans of the franchise, no doubt about it!

Check out the full trailer below: