The Countries That Like Gambling The Most

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Here we will show some numbers per country: percentage of adults that gamble, number of betting shops, number of casinos and more

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Gambling has been a popular hobby worldwide for thousands of years. People practice many different forms of gambling, such as buying lottery tickets, betting on sports or playing casino games such as slots, table games and live games at Platin Casinolink outside website and other sites. Here are the countries that like gambling the most.


Aussies spend more money per capita on gambling than anywhere else. Pokies, which are slot machines, are hugely popular throughout the country. There are 172 facilities, such as casinos, where gambling is completely legal. Statistics show that roughly 80% of adults in Australia gamble at least once a week, and 4% spend money on pokies every week.



Gambling is a longstanding popular hobby in the UK. For many centuries, betting on horse racing was the most common type of gambling. Many people still place bets on horses; however, other activities, such as playing bingo, sports betting, and playing at casinos, are just as big, if not bigger and are all regulated by the Gambling Comissionlink outside website. There are 144 land-based casinos and more than 6,200 betting shops in the UK today.


It's legal to gamble in Greece, and the country is home to nine casinos, all of which have a smart-casual dress code. You must be 21 or older to set foot in the casinos or practise gambling in the country. Online gambling makes up just over a third of the country's gaming market and is a fast-growing industry. Slots, especially those themed to Greek mythology, are popular, as are table games such as blackjack and roulette.


China's casinos are only located in Macau, a special administrative regionlink outside website of China. Gambling makes up roughly half of Macau's economy, and most tourists here are from mainland China and Hong Kong. They flock here to gamble, which they cannot do back home. Macau is the gambling capital of the world in terms of revenue. It generates significantly more money than other gambling destinations, including Las Vegas. There are 36 casinos in operation currently.


Canada is home to around 100 casinos located in big cities such as Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. Gambling is legal in the country so long as it's regulated by one of the provincial governments. Some of the most popular types of gambling in Canada include slots, betting on sports and purchasing tickets for lotteries. Roughly half of the country's population practises some form of gambling regularly.


These are five countries where different types of gambling are prevalent. Gambling has been able to thrive in these places because it's been legalised and regulated. Thanks to governments taking a favourable view of gambling, locals and tourists alike can enjoy it.