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Gaining Power in Call of Dragons

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A thrilling article about how to gain power in the popular game Call of Dragons. Learn tips and tricks to become a master of the game and dominate the dragon world!

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In the enchanting realm of Call of Dragons, it's an open secret that the more power you wield, the better your game experience. However, accumulating this power without splurging on in-game purchases might seem like an uphill task for most players. Today, we’ll delve into seven proven strategies, each designed to aid your quest to gain power and enjoy the game to its fullest. Whether you're a steadfast free player or a light spender, our guide will navigate you through the subtle nuances of Call of Dragons power enhancement.


Upgrading Heroes for Maximum Impact

Every hero in Call of Dragons holds untapped power. Often, we overlook low-level heroes, not realizing their potential. A simple yet effective technique is to level up these characters swiftly. Engage in battles with high-level darklings. Use a blend of high and low-level heroes to achieve a fair fight, and in no time, you'll see your level one hero rise to level 10. The act of allocating and upgrading their talentslink outside website also results in an impressive power surge.

Open Chests

Another avenue to discover power is through opening chests. Not only do you stand a chance to gain new heroes, but you also collect other beneficial items. For instance, earning tokens from chests enables you to add skill points and level up existing heroes, which directly boosts your power. I often find myself saving golden keys for events, which guarantees a better haul. It's like unwrapping a present filled with possibilities to grow in the game.

Use Artifacts

Artifacts in Call of Dragons serve as a unique power booster. Each artifact can be upgraded, significantly contributing to your hero's power. However, the trick is to ensure that your hero is equipped with the artifact. It's a strategy that takes time and precision. Try focusing more on your legendary artifacts as they generally yield better results. This way, not only do your heroes become stronger, but you also increase your overall Call of Dragons power score.

Troop Training

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Troop training offers a two-fold benefit – a stronger army and a power boost. Consistently train your troops and use your speed-ups wisely. My strategy is to save general speed-ups for buildings and use only troop-specific speed-ups for training. This way, I always have an ample supply of resources for each area. With this method, you can have a powerful army at your disposal while simultaneously increasing your power.

Accelerate Progress with Research

Research is another crucial element in the Call of Dragons power game. Speed up your research when possible, as every completed research significantly contributes to your power score. Remember to utilize research speed-ups effectively and always request alliance help before using speed-ups.

Use Policies

Your policies, although often overlooked, can play a crucial part in the power game. Always have an active policy, but refrain from using gems for instant upgrades. These policies reset every season, so using gems is not the best strategy. Instead, I recommend letting them progress naturally, focusing on other power-boosting methods in the meantime.

Upgrade Buildings

Last but not least, speeding up your buildings can lead to substantial power gains. It's worth noting that buildings may not contribute as much power as heroes or troops. But, when you run out of heroes to upgrade or lack resources for troop training, speeding up your buildings can be a quick fix.


Additional Tips For Becoming Stronger

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Faction Benefits

Call of Dragons offers an enticing choice between three unique factions, each bringing their own unique set of bonuses and units. Delve into the strengths and weaknesses of each faction, understanding how their features could align with your preferred playstyle. If you're stepping into this world as a beginner, consider starting your journey with the League of Order.

Honorary: Unlocking VIP Perks

Call of Dragons recognizes and rewards your consistent gameplay and devotion through its VIP System, also known as Honorary Membership. As you frequent the game, your VIP level escalates, unlocking a myriad of benefits and bonuses to bolster your progress.

Building and Optimizing Your Military

One critical step involves upgrading your heroes to fortify their strengths. This process is aided by diligent research in the Military Tech tree and the regular upgrading of military buildings. Training and promoting your units also prove beneficial. Arm your heroes with potent artifacts and continually upgrade these items to ensure optimal performance on the battlefield.


Understanding and strategically using speedups can dramatically shape your gameplay in "Call of Dragons." Speedups, a utility that allows you to complete tasks such as building upgrades and technology research instantly, play a crucial role especially during certain events.

Balancing Main and Farm Accounts

An effective strategy to accelerate your growth in "Call of Dragons" involves creating a farm account, a secondary account dedicated to gathering resources when your attention is away from the game. This farm account is a goldmine as the resources gathered can be transferred to your main account.

Harnessing Command Power (CP)

Command Power, commonly referred to as CP, is a potent tool in your arsenal. It is used to assault dark units and dark forts. Utilizing CP not only assists you in acquiring crucial items but also plays a pivotal role in increasing your power.


Each player’s journey in Call of Dragons is unique, and the route to gaining power is no different. These strategies have aided me in my quest to gain power in Call of Dragons and continue to be integral in my gameplay. Your strategy might evolve over time, but remember, there's always a way to gain power without spending too much money.