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Quiz: How much Valorant do you know?

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Do you think you're a Valorant expert? Come test out your game knowledge here by taking this quick and fun quiz!

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traducido por Joey Sticks

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revisado por Tabata Marques

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Answer these 12 questions to see how much Valorant do you know!

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Which of these agents wasn't released alongside the game?

Answer image

JettCorrect symbol

Answer image

KilljoyCorrect symbol

Answer image

BreachCorrect symbol

Answer image

CypherCorrect symbol

Question image

What's this map's name?

AscentCorrect symbol

FractureCorrect symbol

BindCorrect symbol

SplitCorrect symbol

When was Valorant released?

2019Correct symbol

2021Correct symbol

2020Correct symbol

2022Correct symbol

In Valorant, each agent has an origin (nationality). Who among these is British?

Answer image

PhoenixCorrect symbol

Answer image

BreachCorrect symbol

Answer image

CypherCorrect symbol

Answer image

ViperCorrect symbol

Question image

After planting the spike, how many seconds until it detonates?

40Correct symbol

50Correct symbol

45Correct symbol

60Correct symbol

Question image

Whose ability is this?

OmenCorrect symbol

SkyeCorrect symbol

SovaCorrect symbol

CypherCorrect symbol

Which map is known for having three bomb sites?

IceboxCorrect symbol

HavenCorrect symbol

BreezeCorrect symbol

PearlCorrect symbol

Question image

Fade is a...

InitiatorCorrect symbol

ControllerCorrect symbol

DuelistCorrect symbol

SentinelCorrect symbol

Question image

With the release of Harbor, how many agents does Valorant have now?

18Correct symbol

20Correct symbol

19Correct symbol

21Correct symbol

Question image

What's the name of this ability?

Shock BoltCorrect symbol

Piercing ArrowCorrect symbol

Hunter's FuryCorrect symbol

Dragon's FuryCorrect symbol

Question image

What is the name of this skin line?

ReaverCorrect symbol

PrimeCorrect symbol

Prelude to ChaosCorrect symbol

Gaia's VengeanceCorrect symbol

How many credits do we get by planting a spike?

200Correct symbol

400Correct symbol

300Correct symbol

500Correct symbol