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Guide to the passage of the dungeon Dead Ends in Final Fantasy 14

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Dungeons are the perfect mix of interesting mechanics to fight against a difficult opponent with high health, defense and attack and the opportunity to get unique equipment and weapons if a dungeon of the appropriate difficulty is chosen.

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To increase the chance of success, you need to prepare your character - accumulate the appropriate equipment and weapons and assemble a combat group that is not inferior to you in equipment and communicates well with each other.

To solve the equipment issue, you need to accumulate a lot of gils and here are the ways to do it:

  • 1. Complete story and secondary quests - this will significantly speed up your leveling and enrichment rate and add interest to exploring the world of Final Fantasy 14.
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  • 2. Engage in gathering and crafting professions to earn gils by selling consumable resources, or crafting gear for yourself and selling in the marketplace.
  • 3. Follow the link - outside website and buy the required amount of FF 14 currency with a guarantee of anonymity and security and the possibility of a refund in case of disputes. For disguise, the deal is disguised as a regular exchange, so that the game administration does not even have the potential to impose game sanctions.

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What is Dead Ends Dungeon

Dead Endslink outside website is the sixth dungeon that the player will enter the Endwalker update. To get the right to access, you need to reach character level 90. The dungeon is connected to the Endwalker story quest, which is taken from Ultima Thule. To be able to enter the abode of local bosses, you need to have equipment with 540 power level.

What you need to know about the main mechanics of the bosses in the Dead Ends dungeon

As always, in the dungeons of Final Fantasy 14, you will face a fight with three bosses.

Caustic Grebuloff

Miasmata - deals strong AoE damage, the skill will search for its targets moving around the game map depending on the direction of the wind.

Cough Up - AoE that all raid members should avoid in order to avoid heavy damage.

Craven Companionship is a skill that deals powerful damage to all players, but is shared between the raid members if the characters are all together, next to each other.

Wave of Nausea is the second skill in the series that deals damage immediately after the previous skill.


Electromagnetic Repellant - a skill that blocks all players from accessing the central part of the dungeon location.

Stay away from the boss and don't crowd to avoid heavy AoE damage.

Order to Fire - Damage in a line that hooks all players who do not have time to run to the side. It's better to run in different directions.

No Future - the boss creates a lot of points on the game map, which will cause powerful AoE damage to all targets that do not have time to get out of them.

Peacefire - turn around and don't look at the boss while using the skill to avoid taking damage.

Eclipsing Exhaust is a knockback and damage skill. Run as far as you can, or use any of your own skills that will prevent you from being knocked back or block incoming damage.


The boss will constantly move, leaving large marks on the ground that will deal heavy damage in that area. To survive most of the attacks, run back, wait for the effect of the first zone to pass, and stand in its place. Stay in this position until the end of the boss' jump cycle.

Lifesbreathlink outside website - the dungeon keeper summons butterflies that will attack all players in a straight line, which are best avoided so as not to receive unnecessary damage and the negative Doom effect. It is not difficult to notice the preparation for the strike and the future direction, just follow the behavior of the monsters.


Loving Embrace is a powerful AoE attack that covers half of the battle area against the boss. To avoid unnecessary deaths, simply go to the second half of the dungeon and wait for the effect to work.

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Basic recommendations for passing the Dead Ends dungeon

Each boss has a skill in stock that will cause serious damage to the tank. The healer should always have a quickcast healing skill at the ready, and the tank should keep a health potion on hand in case the healer doesn't react in time.

The tank should monitor the behavior of the bosses and provoke them in such a way that other players can comfortably spread out and deal consistent damage, even if the boss is constantly maneuvering around the location.

Attacking characters should be evenly distributed from the boss and deal damage from different directions. If the boss breaks off the tank, then only one damage dealer will be in danger, and not the entire raid as a whole.

It will be good if the healer uses the mass healing skill ahead of time and just in case - in raids of this level, players can often make mistakes and receive quick damage, and if there are several such characters, then the healer can restore them at once, and not heal them all one by one.

The healer should not allow health drops - many of the boss's attacks last in cycles and deal a lot of damage through a series of hits, and not inflicting single damage.

Attacking classes should not only hit the boss, but also monitor and run away from the AoE skills so as not to overload the healer.

Try to hit with mass skills to quickly eliminate enemy servants.

Use all individual skills that will increase your level of protection in battle.