Famous Australian Gamblers Who Made a Fortune

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A search on the Internet yields a number of lists of countries where gambling is most common, with Australia usually coming in first, followed by Singapore. However, it is alarming that the gap between first and second place is quite large. The big names in gaming in Australia, the site with the best conditions.

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Casinos in Sydney and Melbourne today attract more tourists than the Sydney Opera House and the famous coral reef. It is no exaggeration to say that it is a credit to Australia's famous gamblers. They have saved our reputation and allowed people all over the world to take Australian gamblers seriously. Online casino and rich palms more than make up for it. Gambling in Australia is an amazing experience that travelers from all over the world want to experience.

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A diamond among Australian players

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An Internet search produces many lists of the countries with the most gambling. In all of these lists, Australia usually tops the list, followed by rich palms. However, the worrying thing is that the gap between first and second place is quite large.

Australians lose more than A$17 billion each year, which means that every Australian loses about A$1,300. This clearly gives Australians a reputation as the worst gamblers in the world, and no one wants to be a laughingstock. In addition, the fact that Australian gamblers continue to gamble even when they lose is a big problem for the government.

Most officials claim that gambling in Australia is available anywhere, anytime. After all, online casino is illegal in this state-at least for casinos. In fact, neither Australian casinos nor offshore casinos are allowed to offer online casino gambling to Australian players. So if you're looking for an Australian online casino site, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but no such site exists. Of course, the law does not prohibit players from gambling online, it only penalizes casinos.

Zeljko Ranohaek

Let's start with Zeljko, one of the richest gamblers in the world, who became famous for betting on horse races, although Zeljko never explicitly explained how he won.

Zeljko was born in Australia to Croatian parents and studied commerce and law at the University of Tasmania. During his studies, he began working as a blackjack card counter in a casino and fell in love with his job. He liked it so much that he decided to quit his studies and immerse himself in gambling.

Ranogajan bet on horse racing, mostly in the United States, New Zealand, Japan and Great Britain. However, he was also known to the general public for his accomplishments in black_jack. Zelko used his talent for simple math and his photographic memory to turn thousands of dollars into millions. Eventually he became such a threat to casinos that most Australian authorities banned his activities. He then moved to casinos in the United States, where he also continued to win despite the ban.

In 2011, Ranohaji was inducted into the Blackjack Hall of Fame and his tactics made him a billionaire. He never gave interviews or talked to the press about his winning methods. He didn't care what the press wrote about him.

Alan Woods

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Another Australian who used his genius was Alan Woods. He was perhaps one of the most innovative players, and his reputation still haunts him today. Alan Woods began his career in Australian rich palms playing blackjack, but in time he and his friend Bill became famous at the races.

The most interesting thing about his winnings, however, is that Alan never witnessed a single horse race he won. In fact, Alan and Bill created a program to calculate a horse's chances of winning. The program calculated several factors such as weather, track and the shape of the horse to predict the winner. Alan and Bill quickly became famous and rich. Sadly, Alan passed away in 2008, but his legacy lives on. Online casino is just one of the equations waiting to be solved.


Kerry Packer

Packer is a true player whose intelligence is remarkable. Born into a fairly wealthy Australian family, he inherited a fortune of over $100 million after the death of his father. This was due to his investments in television and casinos, which only added to his newly acquired wealth.

In the 1990s, Kelly lost more than $28 million in less than a month. Fortunately, he was able to recoup his losses when he spent a week at the MGM Grand Casino. He also managed to turn a profit, winning more than $30 million from various table and card games.

Kelly is particularly famous for the fact that he won 20 cards in less than 20 minutes at baccarat, with each card worth more than $100,000.

However, his biggest gamble may have been the sale of his father's business, the Nine Network television company. As this was Packer's major source of income, no one understood why he sold it. The new management team didn't have enough money to run the business and Kelly bought it back three years later for three times the price. Sadly, he passed away in 2005 and is no longer with us, but his son, John, remains one of the richest men in the world.

Lloyd Williams

Lloyd is one of the most famous and wealthy gamblers in horse racing and a famous casino owner; in 1994 he founded the Crown Casino in Melbourne, which to this day is probably the most famous casino in Australia. Williams was also Kelly's best friend and sold most of his winnings to Kelly.

Lloyd famously won the Melbourne Cup four times (but never won it again). In addition, his horses have some of the most interesting names:

  • Just a Throw (won in 1981).
  • Troublesome (won in 1985).
  • Efficient (won in 2007).
  • Green Moon (won in 2012).

In addition to his horses having interesting names, Williams is the only man to have won this trophy four times, making him the record holder!

David Walsh

You know David as an artist, not as a gambler. But before he opened the Museum of Antiquity, David was a racehorse. Like Alan and Bill, David and Zeliko met by chance and decided to create a program to predict which horse would win. Walsh studied computer science and mathematics at the University of Tasmania, which later led to him becoming a legendary gambler.

After winning many games with the help of Zeliko, David decided to put all of his immense talent to work. He borrowed about 80 million from his friend Rano Geitz and started the MONA program. This made his name famous and his museum a huge success.

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