Crazy Time Live - Overview of the Entertainment and its Features

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Dive into the dynamic world of Crazy Time live, a captivating fusion of classic online slots and a wheel of fortune. Engage in real-time gameplay with skilled hosts, vibrant visuals, and thrilling bonuses.

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This show has earned its place among the top live dealer entertainments due to its energetic format and active participant engagement. Crazy Time livelink outside website is conducted in a colorfully designed studio under the management of experienced hosts, combining elements of a classic online slot with elements of a wheel of fortune. The gameplay occurs in real-time, allowing gamblers to follow the actions of the croupier through online broadcasting.

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The central element is a large wheel divided into 54 sectors, including numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, and bonus cells.

Before the wheel starts spinning, users place bets, choosing the amount and preferred cells. They have a chance to win multiplier values or participate in one of four bonus rounds. To start the entertainment, no additional software installation is required; it's enough to enter the chosen casino and start the broadcast. Broadcasts are also available on mobile devices, offering the opportunity to enjoy gambling anywhere and anytime.

Main Rules in the Entertainment

Before starting to play the game, it's important to understand its features. The rules of Crazy Time are set as follows:

1. Users can make one or more bets before the wheel starts spinning, including the possibility of betting on all sectors simultaneously.

2. The amount of each individual bet can vary and have different sizes.

3. There is a limited amount of time to place bets (up to 15 seconds).

4. Once the host starts spinning the wheel, it is no longer possible to place bets.

5. If a participant bets on a sector with a multiplier and wins, the amount is increased according to the coefficient. If a bonus cell is hit, they enter a prize round.

The machine has a wheel with 54 sectors, each with unique characteristics and chances of dropping:

1. The number 1 accounts for 21 such sectors. The payout is 1 to 1, with a probability of dropping being 37.01%.

2. The number 2 has 13 cells, the payout is set at 2 to 1, and the chance of dropping is 25.91%.

3. The number 5 has 7 sectors, the payout increases to 5 to 1, with a probability of dropping around 13%.

4. The number 10 with 4 cells brings payouts of 10 to 1, with chances of dropping equal to 7.4%.

5. Coin Flip has 4 sectors, with a probability of dropping 7.4%.

6. Cash Hunt is placed on 2 sections, with a chance of dropping 3.7%.

7. Pachinko also has 2 sectors, with a probability of dropping 3.7%.

8. Crazy Time is represented in 1 segment, with a chance of dropping 1.85%.

Additionally, the entertainment includes an extra feature in the form of a scale located above the wheel. It shows a certain segment and its corresponding multiplier. To activate the feature, it is necessary for the chosen segment and multiplier to align along the central line. The maximum value of the coefficient can reach x50.

Overview of Bonus Rounds

Crazy Time includes a series of unique mini-games, each enriching the spinning process with its features and providing additional opportunities for winning:

1. In the Coin Flip round, a coin with two sides of different colors is used, and each side has its multiplier. The dealer activates a mechanism that tosses the coin, and the side that lands determines the coefficient for the bet.

2. In Cash Hunt, a screen appears with many symbols, each hiding a multiplier. Participants choose a symbol to shoot at. The choice is made individually by each gambler. After the shot, the selected picture is revealed, and the corresponding multiplier is applied to the bet.


3. In Pachinko, the dealer climbs to the top of a wall and launches a puck, which moves down, crossing a series of obstacles, and ultimately stops at one of the coefficients. If it lands on the "Double" segment, the multiplier is doubled, and the process starts again.

4. In Crazy Time, users move to a large wheel of fortune and choose one of three colored pointers. When the wheel stops on the sector corresponding to the chosen color, users win the bet multiplier indicated on that segment. Like in Pachinko, there are possibilities for doubling and tripling the multiplier.

Understanding these mini-games allows for effectively distributing bets on bonus rounds.

Dealers and Their Role in Crazy Time

In Crazy Time, professional dealers play a key role in giving the game interactivity and authenticity. Their responsibilities include the following aspects:

1. Managing the gameplay. Hosts are responsible for spinning the wheel of fortune, announcing results, and managing the show's course. They also provide instructions to new participants and offer tips.

2. Interaction. Dealers actively communicate with users through chat, answering questions and maintaining a friendly atmosphere.

3. Announcing payouts. After each spin, they announce the results and articulate the payouts, making the game more understandable and accessible to all visitors.

4. Managing bonus rounds. Hosts are responsible for activating and conducting mini-games.

5. Maintaining the atmosphere. Dealers strive to create the feel of a real casino, adding entertainment elements, jokes, and a positive mood.

The work of the hosts is an important component of the entertainment, playing a key role in creating an exciting and authentic gambling experience. Gamblers can enjoy interacting with professionals and place bets, knowing that the game is conducted with enthusiasm.

How to Start Betting in Crazy Time

To start playing Crazy Time, users need to take several steps on the site of the chosen casino. This process includes:

1. Registration at the establishment. Logging onto the site and entering personal data to create an account, as well as confirming contact information, such as a phone number or email address.

2. Depositing funds. Adding money to the account using the available payment systems on the portal.

3. Choosing the slot. Navigating to the entertainment section, selecting the "Live Games" or "Live Casino" tab, and finding Crazy Time using filters.

4. Placing bets. Choosing one or several sectors on the wheel, determining the bet amount for each segment, and pressing the "Play" button.

By following these steps, users get the opportunity to fully participate in the entertainment, enjoy the spinning process, and have a chance at winning.

Demo Version of the Entertainment

A test version is an important tool that allows getting acquainted with the entertainment without financial risks. However, Crazy Time does not offer a traditional demo mode. Instead, visitors are given the opportunity to watch live broadcasts of the game. This method can serve as an alternative to a trial version, allowing both new and experienced bettors to familiarize themselves with the features and dynamics of the game without real-money bets. Watching broadcasts provides an understanding of the work of live dealers, characteristics of the wheel spinning, features of the bonus rounds, and the overall atmosphere. Additionally, it offers the opportunity to analyze the results of past spins and build strategies based on observed trends.