Online game Aviatrix

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One of the best crash games is Aviatrix. This game combines unique mechanics and addictive gameplay. It will interest both experienced players and beginners. Aviatrix offers players the opportunity to experience the excitement. Follow the flight of the plane and place bets on the result.

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Let's dive into the world of Aviatrix together. We will learn more about its features and benefits.

What is Aviatrix

Aviatrix at the link: outside website is an innovative version of the classic game "Aviator". Aviatrix is enriched with modern technologies and capabilities. The game stands out for its unique mechanics. Players will enjoy exciting gameplay. It combines excitement and earning opportunities. Game functionality includes:

• Built-in loyalty program


• Daily tournaments

• Various tools to increase player incentives

Aviatrix promises users transparency and fairness. Check out ways to ensure game fairness through the Provably Fair section. This makes the game process more transparent.

The built-in automatic mode in Aviatrix gives players the opportunity to enjoy the gaming experience. You can avoid getting distracted by placing bets every round. The game promises the opportunity to make big money. This makes each round even more interesting.

Aviatrix immerses you in the world of gambling. The game continues to assert its position as one of the most innovative crash games.

Rules and mechanics of the game

Aviatrix has unique mechanics and unpredictable abilities. Before you begin your journey, it is important to understand the rules and mechanics. They lie at its core.

The gameplay in Aviatrix is completely different from other gambling games. Each round starts automatically. With an interval of no more than 5 seconds between takeoffs. Users can choose their bet size and confirm participation in the round. You can get acquainted with the game using the demo mode. It will help you master flight dynamics and adapt strategies.

The totalisator system in Aviatrix allows players to skip multiple runs. You can enter the game at the most suitable moment for yourself. The user has full control over the game process. Everyone has the opportunity to place and close bets on their own. Aviatrix mechanics include an automatic withdrawal function. This allows players to control their finances. Control over the gameplay is important for successful gaming.

Aviatrix offers an immersive gaming experience with interesting mechanics. It's important to play responsibly. Control your actions during the game.


The gameplay in Aviatrix is addictive. In order to enjoy all its benefits, it is important to familiarize yourself with the interface. Here's an overview of the main elements of the Aviatrix interface:

• Screen with plane and odds

The central part of the game window displays the flight of the aircraft and the odds. The small planes in the background represent the other participants' bets.

• Statistics menu

The statistics menu is located in the right column. This menu provides access to the user's betting history. Here you can see the results of other casino clients. Here users can view the ratings of other players.

• Betting field

At the bottom of the display there are two registration fields for placing bets. Players can choose from the options provided. It is also possible to enter the bet amount manually. Each player has the opportunity to place two bets at the same time.

• Assembly

This section allows you to create your own NFT airplanes. This gives you access to exclusive tournaments. The created unit becomes an NFT. You can get access to an exclusive tournament.

Aviatrix offers unique opportunities to participate in real money tournaments. Its interface provides convenience and ease of use. Take part in exciting flights and compete for prize funds. Enjoy the innovative mechanics and gambling capabilities of Aviatrix.



Aviatrix offers unique earning opportunities. Take part in exciting tournaments. Let's look at the main advantages of bonuses at Aviatrix:

💸Personalized plane Each player can create their own plane using a bonus NFT action pack. A custom aircraft provides a unique opportunity to compete in tournaments. There you can get additional winnings.
💎Participation in tournaments The created aircraft gives the right to participate in tournaments. There, players compete for a jackpot. Strategy plays an important role in achieving success at this stage.
💲Daily income The most powerful aircraft have the opportunity to earn significant amounts of money every day. This is a great way to earn a stable income from your Aviatrix membership.
💰Earning Experience Points Time helps to accumulate experience points. They improve the player's position in tournaments. These points affect cashback payments.
💹Cashback Casino visitors can receive cashback on their losses at Aviatrix. The amount of cashback depends on the player’s status in the loyalty program. You can earn more by upgrading your plane!

Aviatrix bonuses make the gameplay even more exciting. They motivate players to strive for better results. Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy exciting flights. Earn real money with Aviatrix!