Pipa Crash Games: An operational analysis

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Pipa Crash: A vibrant Brazilian-themed crash game by Carleta Gaming, featuring stunning visuals, innovative gameplay options, and a high 97% RTP for players' enjoyment.

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The concept and features of pipa crash gamelink outside website. Interface and functionality of the popular crash game Pipa Crash. How to start the gameplay in Pipa Crash with 97% RTP.

Pipa Crash

Crash games are still highly appreciated by many online casino visitors. Among such developments it is worth highlighting Pipa Crash, which was released by the provider Carleta Gaming. The game was released on February 19, 2024.

Pipa Crash demonstrates the ancient Brazilian tradition of kite flying. If one wants to experience the cultural heritage of this country, there is nothing better than this crash game. Players can join the fun and try to get solid payouts.


A few words about the developer

Carleta Gaming is a company specializing in the creation of game content for the online gambling industry. The provider appeared in 2013 in the Brazilian city of Florianópolis. In the brand's portfolio, you can find a lot of options that many gamblers like.

Among the more than 30 slots, one of the most interesting can be considered Pipa Crash. This shows that the developer is trying to adapt in a new niche of crash games. It shows that the brand is releasing not only traditional slots, but also bingo with keno. It is worth noting that Carleta Gaming will become one of the leading brands in iGaming, and Pipa Crash is not the only example in the field of crash games.

Pipa game themes

In such a slot gamblers have the opportunity to plunge into the national Brazilian tradition of flying kites. The Pipa Crash game will delight with a colorful sky where kites fly, and beautiful landscapes stretching far beyond the horizon.

The hues of the sky change over time, making for a great experience for players. In-game effects of scorching sun and floating clouds provide realism, while kites create an adventurous atmosphere. Pipa Crash showcases the tropical nature of Brazil, from jungles to mountain ranges.

Game Features

Among the main features of Pipa Crash are innovative functional solutions designed to simplify the gameplay process. They include Autoplay and Auto Cash Out. With the help of the first option, you can automatically set the number of desired rounds. This gives the need to enjoy the gameplay without interference.

Auto Cash Out is an option that allows you to independently set the amount of automatic payout. Thanks to this, players in Pipa Crash can safely withdraw funds from the balance. Also, the mechanism provides effective management of your own bets.


Pipa Crash offers gamblers a high percentage of return to players. RTP in this game is equal to - 97%, which provides players quite good chances to win. The high ratio allows to instill confidence in gamblers that they can get a solid win and enjoy the exciting world of development.

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How to play Pipa Crash at the online casino

The kite crash game is quite common. Getting started with the gameplay in Pipa Crash is not difficult. You only need to follow a few simple steps:

1. Find an acceptable online casino, on reputable reviews - pipacrash.casinolink outside website. It is important that the brand is licensed and has such a game in its assortment.

2. Gain access to the gaming platform. Registration or authorization by any available method ensures that the real money game mode can be activated.

3. Find and launch Pipa Crash. You can use the search tool to find and select this crash game.

4. Place a bet. There is a wide range of bets available for players, from the minimum to the maximum possible.

In addition, you can customize the game as the gambler wishes, using the auto-pay or auto-play function. To familiarize yourself with the features of the game provides a demo mode, which can be launched without registration and deposit.