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Are Dogs Allowed In Casinos?

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In today’s topic, we would like to discuss whether or not you are allowed to visit a casino in Australia with your pet dog, as well as would like to tell you about a great online casino - Ricky Casino.

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Casinos have been existing for a few centuries now, and with each year, they get more and more popular. People visit casinos for multiple reasons - winning money, having fun, getting new friends, learning new skills… The list could go on. And as long as you are of legal age, there is nothing that can prohibit you from visiting the casino, right?

Well, things are not as simple as they may seem. Some people are willing to make visiting pokies a part of their regular life, and of course, for some people, their pet dogs are their true companion, and people bring them anywhere they go. Further in our article, you will be able to learn whether or not you can visit a casino with your dog.


Dogs in Casinos

So, to put it shortly, the answer to the question whether you can bring your dog to the casino is both yes and no. It kindly depends on which type of dog you are bringing with you. As we all know, there are many breeds of dogs, big and small ones, loud and quiet ones, fluffy or short-haired ones and so on. But, it doesn’t really matter in casinos. The main reason why some people can’t visit casinos with their dogs is pretty self-explanatory - some dogs are trained to smell something suspicious. Certain breeds of dogs, like german shepherds, for example, are usually specifically trained to be not only a home pet, but also a companion. Since such dogs can literally smell drugs or explosives, they could easily smell something fishy in the casino, right?

Another reason why usually casinos don’t let you in with a dog is more of a health issue - some people are allergic. Not to the dogs themselves, but rather to their fur. And even if your dog has really short hair, it doesn’t mean that the hair will not fly in the room, therefore, triggering the allergy for some people.

However, apart from these reasons, there is no other reason why you can’t bring your dog to the casino. For example, if you have a dog breed like a pomeranian, which is a small type of dog that can’t harm anyone or smell something, as long as you carry it in your hands, you will have no problem entering the casino with your dog.

What Can You Do at Casinos

If you are new and are not familiar with the concept of casinos, we are here for you, as in the list below, you can find out what you can do in pokies both with or without your dog.

  • Play Slots. Slot games are the most common type of entertainment when it comes to pokies. This is because unlike other games, slots are really easy to understand and are quick to play. You will only need to deposit some money, spin the wheel and hope that you get a good combination;
  • Play Roulettes. Apart from slots, you can also choose to play roulette games. They are also pretty easy and are suitable for new players, since the only thing you will need to do is to predict the number the wheel will stop on. You won’t even have to spin the wheel yourself, as the dealer will do everything for you;
  • Play Table Games. More often than not, people are playing table games at pokies. These include ones like Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat and many others. However, these games are more preferable for experienced players, as in these games, you will be playing against real people who can fool or outsmart you. So if you want to try out these games, you should first learn all the rules of the game, as well as learn how to be sneaky.

About Ricky Casino

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