Are Sweepstakes Online Casinos More Popular Than Ever?

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Discover why sweepstakes online casinos are experiencing a surge in popularity, as players seek new and exciting ways to enjoy their favorite casino games and win real prizes from the comfort of their own homes.

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It is human nature to play and to gamble

It seems to be human nature to gamble; it is probably to do with our competitive nature and the enjoyment of anticipation. The thrilling feeling between placing the bet and the actual result coming in. While we often associate this feeling with the potential of winning money, many of the best fun gambling experiences we enjoy are about so much more than the money. Being part of something and playing the game are central to what makes casino and gambling games so popular. You only have to think back to happy days spent playing cards with friends and family for pennies as a child.


In fact, many people prefer their games to come without much or any financial risk, which is why social and sweeps casinos are so popular. You get all the fun of keno, poker, table games, and slots without worrying about blowing the budget. Social and sweepstake casinos have much in common with online games you play for fun or collector cards like Pokémonlink outside website or other card decks. The fun is finding the rare thing or rare win. Achieving that is the purpose of the game rather than collecting (or potentially losing) money.

The reward without the risk?

You could think of social and sweepstakes casinos a bit like playing poker with friends for matchsticks. The great thing about the online environment is that you can find people to play with whenever you fancy a game. With the sweeps slots and other one-player games, you do not need a friend to play with, but you can just pit your luck against the house and see how you fare. Because social and sweeps casinos are not regarded as gambling, they are legal everywhere in the US apart from Washington state – and that is because they define gamblinglink outside website differently there.

So, what is a sweepstakes casino?

However, compare that to online casino gambling for real money, which is only legal in seven states, and you can see why sweepstakes casinos are the latest craze sweeping the nation. We might think of a sweepstakes as a contestlink outside website where a winner is picked at random; Readers’ Digest was the master of handing out massive great cash prizes to their readers. A sweepstakes is also when a group of people bet on the outcome of a tournament where the team they ‘back’ is drawn at random. Sweepstakes online casinos are not about randomness but about playing casino games using Gold and Sweeps Coins instead of playing for cash. It is because real money is not used for playing, and prizes are paid out in Gold Coins. Sweeps coins that are won can be redeemed for cash prizes. So, while it is a somewhat convoluted route to win real money prizes, it is not impossible.

Initially, it can all sound rather confusing, but once you get the hang of it, there is great fun to be had. Just as with any entertainment, whether online or in real life, there are good and bad places to go and good and bad games to play. Even though you are mostly only playing for fun, you still want your time to be passed well. Because you can purchase gold coins, and because sweeps coins can be exchanged for cash, when you register at a Sweepstakes online casino you create an account and share financial data. Therefore, you need to know you are playing at a reputable one. Fortunately, Casino.orglink outside website has got your back and can guide you through the best US sweepstakes and social casino sites. They also have a comprehensive guide on getting started, purchasing coin packages and the best games to play.


Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins

It is helpful to have some guidance because, initially, things can feel a little unfamiliar. However, rest assured online sweepstakes casinos with real money prizes are legal in the USA. The process for playing is that you use virtual coins called Gold Coins. You can buy these in bundles or register on social media to collect them at certain times of the day. If you are going for the social media variety, you might have to perform some simple tasks to get your coins. You can then use these to play, and you win more Gold Coins but also bonus Sweeps Coins can be won. You cannot purchase these bonus coins. You can then play sweepstakes games with the Sweeps Coins, and if you win, you have the chance to redeem them for prizes once you have collected a certain amount.

Because playing at a sweepstakes casino is gambling, you do need to meet the minimum age to be able to play. This is usually 18, but it varies from state to state, so you must check the small print. If you are lucky enough to win a prize that you want to ‘cash out,’ you will need to provide proof of identity and payment information. These casino sweepstakes offer a fun and legitimate gaming experience, and more and more of them are popping up across the States.

All enormous fun, but play safely

If you are used to playing real-money online slots, you may recognize some of the games on offer as the software makers have adapted them to be sweeps games. However, most of the games are unique. Some of the most popular include Egyptian Dreams, Caishen Wealth, Great Rhino Megaways, Buffalo Hold and Win. The more volatile a game is, the more unpredictable it is. Unpredictability can make for exciting play, and when there are chances to amass 7,500,000,000 Gold coins on Egyptian Dreams, you can see that it can all get exhilarating.

With all the fun and thrill of real-money slots, sweepstakes casinos are kinder on your pocket. Do remember, however, that as with any gambling or gaming, they can become addictive, and you should mix up what you play and take regular breaks. Set yourself a budget, and do not spend more on Gold Coins than you can afford to lose. Sweepstakes and social casinos are all about fun and entertainment, so remember that when you are playing.