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Diablo IV - Druid Guide

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We are back with another class guide, this time featuring a beloved classic of the Diablo franchise, the Druid. In this article, we will go over why so many people main, and love the Druid class, some builds, itemization, and what a Druid is in the universe of Diablo IV.

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What is a Druid?

Druid class
Druid class

First, let’s discuss what a druid is in Diablo IV. Druid is the shapeshifting class for Diablo IV, allowing one to change forms into various animals or spirits, allowing for unique builds and gameplay. They also specialize in casting magic involving the earth, namely poisons, tangling roots, and earth-shattering magic, making Druids ideal for any caster lovers and melee-hungry players.




Shapeshifting has been around for a long time in Diablo, so old players will not necessarily need the introduction to shapeshifting; however, for the newer players shapeshifting involves changing the player character into a different animal to perform magic/abilities specific to that animal type. Let’s look at the shapeshifting possibilities for the druid:

  • Ferocious Bear
  • Werewolf

Unlike the Druid in Diablo II: Resurrection, the druid in Diablo IV will not require you to shapeshift before casting the specific ability but instead will auto-transform the player and cast the ability. The simple change allows the druid to feel more fluid in Diablo IV, which was a request from Druid mains since Diablo II’s initial release.

Druid Skills and Talents

Druid Skills
Druid Skills

Druid has the least amount of information on the internet as of the release of this article, so that information may be subject to change relating to talents and abilities. However, below is a list of all talents and skills of the druid that we know of:

Basic Skills

  • Earthspike
  • Shred
  • Storm Strike
  • Maul
  • Wind Shear

Spirit Skills

  • Pulverize
  • Landslide
  • Tornado

Defensive Skills

  • Cyclone Armor
  • Earthen Bulwark
  • Trample
  • Debilitating Roar
  • Ravenous Bite

Wrath Skills

  • Hurricane
  • Boulder

Companion Skills

  • Wolves
  • Ravens
  • Vine Creepers

Ultimate Skills

  • Cataclysm
  • Grizzly Rage
  • Petrify

That’s the list of all known skills to the druid; unfortunately, there is no other information available; however, we do have information on some of the talents. Below is a list of all the Talents known to the Druid class in Diablo IV:

Druid Talents

Druid talents
Druid talents

Below are all the talents available to Druids during Diablo IV as of current information:

  • Ancestral Fortitude: Increases magical and non-physical resistance
  • Abundance: Normal Skills increase spirit regeneration
  • Earthbind: When casting earth skills, enemies have a chance of being immobilized
  • Call of the Wild: While your wolf attacks the main target, all other abilities have increased critical strike chance. Raven passively increases enemy damage taken.
  • Elemental Exposure: When hitting an enemy with spirit skills, they become vulnerable to a percentage of damage.
  • Earthen Might: Much like elemental exposure, hitting an enemy with earth skills makes the enemy vulnerable to different earth skill damage abilities.
  • Endless Tempest: Increase ability duration of Hurricane and Cataclysm, increasing damage.
  • Eye of the Storm: When storm abilities crit, it further increases critical strike chances of other non-storm abilities
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  • Fury of Nature: A mixture between Earthen Might and Elemental Exposure, Fury of Nature increases critical hit damage by other abilities cast by the Druid; it only takes place after using Storm or Earth Abilities.
  • Feral Spirit: Critical strike Damage increases while changing into different shape-shifting forms.
  • Heightened Senses: Reduces damage reduction of all nearby enemies
  • Hunt the Weak: While enemies are poisoned, the druid deals additional critical damage in shape-shifting forms.
  • Lupine Swiftness: While the Druid shapeshifts to the Werewolf form, movement speed is increased by 20%; this bonus persists even after changing back to the original form for a few seconds.
  • Iron Hide: Increased Damage Reduction while in werebear form; and just like Lupine Swiftness, the damage reduction bonus persists for a few seconds while returning to original form
  • Natural Balance: Earth, Storm, and all abilities that cost Spirit give a small percentage of life steal.
  • Overpower: Percentage chance to knock down all slowed enemies
  • Natural Resonance: Earth Skills deal additional Crushing blow damage
  • Predatory Instincts: Acts like an aura weakening enemies around the Druid, allowing for additional damage
  • Primal Resonance: Similar to Natural Resonance, Primal Resonance allows earth skills to deal increased Crushing Blow damage
  • Perfect Storm: Storm skills deal increased percentage damage to all vulnerable targets (Works well with Predatory Instincts)
  • Rabid Strikes: Your werewolf skills have a chance to poison the target, which deals a percentage of health damage.
  • Storm and Claw: The coolest-sounding name, Storm and Claw, allows you to deal increased damage with Shapeshifting skills while Hurricane or Cataclysm is active.
  • Undergrowth: Increases the length of crowd control effects on all enemies incapacitated by the Druid's abilities
  • Quickshift: After Shapeshifting, your next skill deals increased damage (Percentages can’t be concrete as of the writing of this article).

The Druid's talents seem more boring than the other classes in Diablo IV. But the good news for all you Druid lovers is that these talents and skills are not set in stone, meaning they can change during development. Many players speculate that Druid will play out like Diablo II’s Druid by either playing as a spell caster or Shapeshifting melee class. We highly recommend giving this class a try, and when more information gets released, we will keep you informed in our news section herelink outside website.


The highly anticipated Diablo IV is being released in a few months. Will the Druid class live up to Diablo II’s druid? We believe it will, and we highly recommend playing this highly versatile class; if you want to find out all classes and more information in Diablo IV, check out our other guides at SSEGold. As soon as Diablo IV releases, SSEGold will be updated to fulfill all your gaming needs as Diablo 4 goldlink outside website and items, so check it out. As always, Happy Hunting!