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The Elder Scrolls Online Builds List

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While similar role-playing games restrict players to a specific role for each class, this isn’t the case with ESO, as you can take any of the three given roles with the desired class. Here are all the ESO builds along with their skills.

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Elder Scroll Online allows you to select one of the six classes for your adventure. There are three unique skill lines for each class, and you have to select a skill line according to your class. These skill lines can affect the whole gameplay as well as the visual style of the class in combat as well as while roaming the wild. You have the option to become a damage dealer, a healer, or a tank based on these skill lines. Choices to create characters are almost endless, and the only limit is your imagination.



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Dragonknight burns his enemies into ashes with cleansing flames without worrying about enemy attacks. No matter how difficult the battle is, you can win it with skills like dragon blood, fiery grip, and molten lava. It is a base game class with good melee abilities. It uses the thousand-year-old Akaviri martial arts. You need Eso Goldlink outside website for purchasing new gear and for upgrading it to gold level.

Ardent Flame Skill

Use poison and fire abilities to deal damage over time. The intensity of your attacks will also increase with time.

Draconic Power Skill

Save yourself from enemy attacks with protective scales, as well as use ancient dragon power for added defense.

Earthen Heart Skill

Stun enemies and use a shield of molten lava to avoid enemy attacks. Use the earth power to increase the stats of your teammates.



Templars can tame the sun and use their power to deal with their enemies. It can restore stamina, Magicka, and health of teammates as well as deal damage with skills such as solar barrage, radiating aura, and binding javelin. It is largely used as a healer, but its damage per second is also very good.

Aedric Spear

Use powerful hard, light weapons to bring your wrath upon enemies and stun them with magic damage. It also provides support to teammates.

Dawn’s Wrath

Burn enemies in flames by unleashing all the power of the sun to kill them in seconds. Increase your stats and decrease the stats of enemies with radiant heat.

Restoring Light

Uses Aedra’s Sacred light to protect your teammates from enemy attacks. Use spells to turn the tide of the fight and win it effortlessly.


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Sorcerers call Daedric combat followers to deal with enemies while using dark magic for extra damage. To hurl lightning bolts, they use both destructions as well as conjuration spells. It is a magic class that protects itself from some enemy magical and physical attacks with the help of a cloak.

Daedric Summoning

Attack enemies by summoning monsters from the realm of Oblivion. Use the conjuration shield and the armor to stay in the fight till the last moment.

Dark Magic

Use powerful abilities to stun enemies with their own magical abilities for a short time while providing support to your teammates.

Storm Calling

Deal shock damage with target lightning strikes while staying at a distance so enemies can’t deal damage to you.


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Become a ninja, emerge from the shadows and deal damage to enemies and then vanish back into those shadows without giving a hint to the enemy about the attack direction. Nightblade uses its speed and stealth along with powerful blades to get the job done. Its main skills include surprise attack, swallowing soul, and teleport strike.



A lethal skill that will make your enemies weak by dealing massive damage and land one final blow to finish them off.


Use shadows to get out of a tricky situation or to suddenly attack enemies. Enemies will fear you all, thanks to shades and spirits.


Use lethal abilities to drain the life of enemies, weakening them and slowly pushing them to their death. It also regenerates your health and the health of your teammates.


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Warden puts nature to great use and calls animals for help when stuck in stuck in a difficult situation. This class can play multiple roles by becoming a DPS, healer, or a tank, as well as a balanced hybrid class. They can regenerate health and inflict good damage to enemies.

Animal Companions

Deal damage to enemies with the help of beasts from the underworld while increasing the intensity of your attacks. Beasts include swarms of stinging fetcherflies, shrieking cliff racers, and monstrous bears.

Green Balance

Calls an enchanted forest and cover your teammates in sprouted healing flowers and soothing vines to heal them and bring balance to the battlefield.

Winter’s Embrace

Enchants a frost magic spell to boost up your defenses and stuns enemies for a short time. Enemies will hinder in damage dealing cold to give your teammates a chance to do their thing.


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Necromancer is called the master of death, all thanks to its skills like venom skull, ruinous scythe, and braided tether. It uses souls to raise dead from their graves and use them to attack enemies. Take complete control of the battlefield. If any teammate falls during the battle, the necromancer can resurrect them.

Grave Lord

Cover the army of dead soldiers with lightning, frost, and fire to deal damage to enemies. Raise dead from their graves as well as use your dead soldiers to increase your assaulting abilities.

Bone Tyrant

Put dead to great use by bending and breaking to create barriers with their remains and stop enemy attacks. Creating these barriers will also increase your life. Put those who are already to use by controlling the fighting grounds with their bones.

Living Death

Restore the health of allies using the ultimate power of death and life. Keep enemies in the fight for long and bring back soldiers to life from death.