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Find out more if lootbox offers can be considered casino online gambling! Explore your options and get the best deals around.

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Tell the Difference: Online Casino Gambling vs. Lootbox Offers

Lootbox is a buzzword that has been around for years, yet it is still confusing to many. Is it online casino gambling or is it just a neat addition to the standard gaming experience? In our guide, we do our best to give some perspective on the main differences between loot boxes and casino onlinelink outside website bonuses.

1. What are Loot Boxes in Gaming and Do They Exist on Online Casino Platforms?

Loot boxes are special packages of useful items and features one can find in many video games, but not on casino online sites today. Typically, it is possible to purchase them with the game’s currency or with real money (similar to bonus activation on casino online site). The more expensive the box, the higher the chances players will get useful and rare items, which gives them a certain advantage. Before discontinuation, a single Fortnite loot box could have reached a price over $100.


Many gamers think that for that kind of money, they must get more than they could buy by collecting items piece by piece. That is the real catch — you have no clue what you are going to get until you purchase and open the box.

Where is online casino in all this? Although some casino online providers offer gift boxes, they are nothing but special combo bonus deals. In an online casino, there are no tools and items players can use to change the game.

2. Can the Player Get the Reward They Need in the Loot Box?

Yes, players can get rewards they need in MTG cards loot boxes, just like they can get a bonus they like in an online casino, but there is a major difference:

• Casino online gift boxes offer small, yet handy bonuses such as free spins or playing tokens, which all players are happy to receive. They can be used in any game at the casino online, but they also don’t last as long. Once you play your 15 spins or $5 casino online chip — that’s it;

• In video and MTG games, the value of the purchase depends on what you are looking for, as not all cards or items appear equally often. At the same time, you will be able to use your rewards for longer and as you please. Unlike, casino online brands, gaming companies rarely set any time limits on how and when you have to apply your reward.

With this in mind, many gamers are wondering whether it is possible to predict what is in the prize box before paying for it. Just like casino online slots games, loot crates for MTG Arena operate based on the random number generator (RNG). RNG is an algorithm that releases random outcomes after an action takes place, e.g. you buy the prize box or place a bet in casino games. It is incredibly complex and impossible to predict. Despite what many think, not even casino online gaming developers know what prize will be released at what time. They do know how the mechanics work, what factors are included in the process, etc., but not even they can say: “Oh, this Arena Magic player will be getting X, Y, and Z items.” or “The XY online casino player will win this and that.”

3. How Do Game Companies Encourage Players to Buy Loot Boxes?

No matter where you buy them, prize boxes are all about the elements of surprise and anticipation. At a casino online site, players are wondering how many free spins they’ll get in their bonus packs, and those who play Magic the Gathering are wondering what cards they’ll get in booster packs. Players who purchase loot boxes follow the Pokémon credo: “Gotta catch them all!”. When buying a loot crate, they develop a sense of need to buy it over and over again, until they land all the prizes they want.

While some loot boxes are quite ordinary, limited edition loot crates are in high demand in the gaming community. They are typically released for a limited time only and contain exclusive items and unique boosters. On the secondary market, Magic the Gathering cards prices reach thousands of dollars. Just ask the famous rapper Post Malone who paid $2 million for a single card!


Still, not everyone has to be a superstar with a billion-dollar budget to purchase prize boxes. Some gaming companies reward free starter packs and offer reward boxes that can be purchased with in-game currency. In casinos, gift boxes are limited to one player only, and cannot be exchanged or sold. You can use them to play online casino slots, table games, live dealers and that’s pretty much it.

In games such as Counter-Strike 2 or League of Legends, every lootbox is a money-making machine. On online casino sites, bundle promos are often observed as more of a nice addition to the promotions section. After all, the business models of gaming and gambling companies are very different. A casino online platform will make money primarily from bets, and not from selling special boxes.

4. What are the Risks of Loot Boxes in Video Games and at an Online Casino?

The main risk players at an online casino or those who enjoy their video games at home will experience is the financial one. With loot boxes, it is easy to spiral into uncontrolled spending, as we hope that every next lootbox will be better than the previous one. This is especially prominent among players whose free time revolves primarily around games. They see reward boxes as a daily treat, similar to coffee or chocolate one purchases on a whim. Obviously, the expense is not necessarily the same, and a single cup of coffee won’t intrigue you to buy another one right away.

Such players are often referred to as “whales”. It is a nickname for big spenders who are not necessarily high-earning but spend a lot of money nonetheless. Oftentimes, they see loot crates as a chase, rather than a useful addition to their gaming character. Their behaviour is most similar to people who are struggling with casino online addiction, and are hoping that the next few slots they play will bring life-changing amounts.

Another risky group is teenagers. In this day and age, teens have a greater knowledge of the online world than their parents, which makes them much harder to control. They can’t play at a casino online, but they do know how to handle online payments in order to purchase as many loot boxes as possible. Even if they are using virtual gaming money, they often display signs of risky and addictive behaviour.

5. Do Loot Boxes Ruin the Gaming Experience in Online Casino and Video Games?

The answer to the question above depends on who you are asking. Most online casino gamblers will tell you a promo box can only enhance their experience. With casino online bonus rewards, you can play any game you want as long as it supports the prize format. Speaking of video gaming, things get a bit more complex and complicated. Unlike casino online platforms that use prize boxes to enhance the players’ engagement, loot box Overwatch and Hearthstone may completely transform the experience, and according to many, even ruin it. The effect depends on the type of reward box one receives.

If we are talking about cosmetic items, it is hard to talk about ruining anything. A new piece of armour in a limited edition design will make other players gawk, but won’t affect the character’s abilities. It is more of a badge of honour than a useful item that helps progress in the game. For instance, in LoL and Counter-Strike players build their characters from the inside out, and having a special item that helps them stand out in the crowd helps users express themselves.


Items that impact the gameplay are more similar to casino online perks: they let you do more with what you have. This is especially prominent in video games like FIFA Ultimate Team, in which players can benefit from unlocking special players or skills. Such perks help improve interaction among players and create a small economic ecosystem, but only for those who can afford it.

6. Are Loot Boxes a Form of Online Casino Gambling?

Essentially, no, loot boxes are not gambling, but they share some characteristics that may affect how the public perceives them. Gambling at online casino and playing a lootbox game (e.g. Counter-Strike) both have an element of surprise, anticipation, and action. In terms of the emotions players go through, they are incredibly similar. Still, the main difference stems from the fact that the outcome can be significantly different:

• When claiming casino online benefit boxes, players get one-time deals, such as playing free slots. Once the time runs out, the game is over. Also, depending on the online casino, it may be possible to receive an empty loot box;

• When purchasing a video game loot box, players will never leave empty-handed. Many see it as a simple in-game purchase, regardless of the element of the excitement.

Another important factor in determining whether something is gambling is how it is regulated. Nowadays, online gambling companies undergo strict regulatory procedures and supervision. Only a few countries in the world consider loot boxes to be a betting activity and treat it as such.

7. Which Countries Regulate Loot Boxes in Gaming and on Online Casino Sites?

Regulations of online casino and sports betting sites vary from country to country, and so does the treatment of loot boxes:

• In Belgium, loot crates are a form of casino online games and to offer them to customers, the company must have a valid iGaming license;

• In the Netherlands, are treated similarly to online slots. It is the factor of the unknown reward that ranks them next to online casino slots or casino online blackjack;

• In the United Kingdom, reward boxes are completely legal, but only if they are offered within a video game and deliver a gaming value;

• In South Korea, all companies that offer loot crates must transparently display the chances for obtaining certain items;

• In January 2024, Germany proposed a total ban on loot boxes in video games.

Will this have any influence on the world of gaming and the online casino scene? Yes, it will. Casino online platforms are already changing their ways and rarely often boxes with hidden rewards, and the gaming audience is more open to less expensive alternatives.

8. What Alternatives Are There to Loot Boxes?

In the domain of online casino gaming, alternatives are plenty. Gamblers can expect to find deposit bonuses, free spins bundles and even a no deposit bonus. Loyalty and VIP programs are a must, and marketers do their best to create as many unique promotions as possible. For any casino online, a reward box is nothing but yet another bonus format that can be easily discontinued without affecting the user experience. For example, they may ask the player to spin the online casino bonus wheel, instead of picking a bonus box.


The gaming community is also changing the discourse. The MTG prices are higher than ever, and the regulatory framework leaves little to no wiggle room for loot boxes. Also, players are often complaining about prize boxes ruining the experience, as anyone with enough money can build their character or mission in no time. Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Overwatch no longer offer loot crates, as the community simply doesn’t want to buy them.

Instead, the most popular video games developed other formats that help players enhance their sessions:

• In-game item purchases, in which player pays the price for items they really need;

• In-game subscriptions users can cancel at any point;

• Season passes that unlock existing and upcoming special items for a fraction of the price;

• Creating custom-made items, which is incredibly popular in MMORPGs;

• DLC content, that can be purchased with microtransactions rather than significant amounts.