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ArtDock’s ‘Penguin Helper’ Slides into Early Access

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We have already written about the game development company ArtDock and its games. But this time they didn’t just make a full release of another time killer, but provided us with a real dark horse... or rather, a penguin.

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The developers opened access to their new game ‘Penguin Helper’ on June 6 on Steamlink outside website. But instead of a full release, they decided on early access. For the uninitiated, this is a release of a game at the development stage. Players can purchase the game in its “raw” form, test it and share their opinions. The ArtDock team literally encourages everyone to participate in the production of the game. Agree, this is unprecedented generosity. And now a few words about the game itself.


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You find yourself at the South Pole surrounded by hundreds of penguins. There are expanses of snow all around, and overhead are the rumbles of the southern lights. Beauty, relaxation, zen. But here's the thing... Every time a plane flies over you, penguins fall. Your job is to literally raise penguins. Is that all, you ask? Well, not really, we answer.

Before the game's release, almost nothing had been heard about it and there was no strong marketing strategy. But unexpectedly, the game showed good results as for a no-name project. It already has more than 90% positive reviews on Steam. So what could make players so happy who, in fact, have only one function - to pick up objects in the form of penguins?

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The answer lies in how it's done. ‘Penguin Helper’ really turned out to be very atmospheric. Graphics, animation, glare on the snow, pleasant music, interesting narrative, sounds of walking in the snow, the cries of flightless birds and a flying airplane. All this really puts players into a relaxed state, in which you don’t feel the time and pressure of having to save someone in time as part of a difficult mission. In simple words, it is anti-stress.

Here is what developers say: "We're stoked to unleash 'Penguin Helper' on the world! Early Access is our way of saying, 'Hey, gamers, come join the party!' We're all about community vibes, so hit us up with your feedback, ideas, and memes. Let's make 'Penguin Helper' the coolest game ever, together!"

So, what are you waiting for? Slip into your comfiest hoodie, grab a hot cocoa, and get ready to embark on the Antarctic escapade of a lifetime with ‘Penguin Helper’!

Don't waste time while you still have it and go to the ‘Penguin Helper’link outside website Steam page and ArtDock social medialink outside website.

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