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Quiz: Which kind of infected would you be in The Last of Us?

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What kind of infected would you be in The Last of Us? Would you be a runner or a clicker? Answer these 10 questions and find out!

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The Last of Us began as a PlayStation-exclusive game franchise. Today it has already won continuation, comics, and a live action series on HBO.

In the series The Last of Us, the Cordyceps fungus takes over living human beings, consuming their bodies and making them irrational to propagate. Throughout the game and series franchise, we have 6 types of infected:

- Runners;

- Stalkers;

- Clickers;

- Bloaters;

- Shamblers;

- The Rat King.

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Answer these 10 questions and find out which infected you would be!

Don't forget to share your result. Good luck!

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The Cordyceps outbreak has begun. What's the first thing you do?

I call my family to know if everything is okay.Correct symbol

I look for guns and other weapons.Correct symbol

I lock all the doors, windows and try to hide.Correct symbol

I try to store resources and foodCorrect symbol

Which of these match your hobbies?

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ReadingCorrect symbol

Answer image

Listening to musicCorrect symbol

Answer image

Playing video gamesCorrect symbol

Answer image

Do physical exercise.Correct symbol

Which of these weapons would you rather use in the apocalypse?

Answer image

SwordCorrect symbol

Answer image

GunCorrect symbol

Answer image

CrossbowCorrect symbol

Answer image

Nail BatCorrect symbol

Who is your favorite character from the series?

Answer image

EllieCorrect symbol

Answer image

BillCorrect symbol

Answer image

TessCorrect symbol

Answer image

JoelCorrect symbol

Where would you hide during the Apocalypse?

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In a mall.Correct symbol

Answer image

On an abandoned building.Correct symbol

Answer image

At home.Correct symbol

Answer image

On a farm.Correct symbol

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You just watched your friend get bitten. What do you do?

I wait with him until the last momentCorrect symbol

I kill him when he transforms, I don't want to kill him while he's still humanCorrect symbol

I run, I don't want to see him turn into an infectedCorrect symbol

I kill him while he's still human, so he doesn't become infectedCorrect symbol

Which of these senses do you consider most acute?

SmellCorrect symbol

HearingCorrect symbol

TactCorrect symbol

VisionCorrect symbol

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You found an infected, what do you do?

I scream for help.Correct symbol

I try to run.Correct symbol

Unload the gun on it.Correct symbol

I set a trap and hideCorrect symbol

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What do you consider your biggest flaw?

Being reckless.Correct symbol

Being unsympathetic.Correct symbol

Being emotional.Correct symbol

Being methodical.Correct symbol

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You just got infected. What do you do?

I hide it in hopes of being immune.Correct symbol

I cut the part of me that was bitten.Correct symbol

I isolate myself, so I don't hurt anyone when I transform.Correct symbol

I kill myself before I transform.Correct symbol