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Which casino games and sports betting options can you use with an active bonus?

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This article explains the different types of casino games and sports betting options available to players with an active bonus. It is a comprehensive guide for anyone looking to make the most out of their bonus.

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Since many gambling companies provide similar sections and options, some of the leading names in iGaming are considering ways to stand out. Naturally, most of them focus all of their efforts on the bonus section so that they can provide people with better products.

Some sites require you to complete tons of things before getting a given offer, but not all sites are like that because some welcome offers are more special. In fact, to receive this promotion, simply sign up and use the Roobet promo codelink outside website and you will have access to one of the leading propositions for new users.


Many things make some offers better than others, including the things you can use them for. Sadly, you can often come across iGaming operators that limit their bonuses so that people can only use them for a couple of things. Unsurprisingly, this makes them less attractive.

Luckily, the big names in the business will let people use their offers for different casino games and sports betting options, so let’s go through them.

Card games

One of the first categories of casino products that you will be able to put to the test while using a bonus for online gambling is called card games. You may not find it in all online casinos because there are brands that will just label those games as “Table Games”. However, these two categories usually have the same titles.

The bonuses for card games in an online casino can come in different forms. One of the most sought-after promotions is tournament access because it allows players to compete for a big reward. 

Some offers for those titles also allow people to play for free or have access to a cashback reward. These types of bonuses are different than the rest because the give back a percentage of the money that people have lost while playing. 


Of course, all online casinos will have bonuses for slots because this is the leading category in an iGaming site. Most sites usually have a couple of card games but often provide their users with more than 1000 slots from various software providers. Naturally, most people prefer using those games.

One of the drawbacks of playing slots is that there aren’t that many bonuses for them. In fact, casinos usually only have free spins, and they are not available for all games. Usually, you can use them on titles that are developed by a specific company that the casino has some partnership.

Bonuses for sports

If we put aside the promotions for the casino categories, most of the leading gambling sites with cryptocurrencies and those that offer regular payment selections have a wide range of offers for sports. You can find perks for a variety of things, such as:

• Football

• Badminton

• Basketball

• Tennis

• Ice Hockey

• eSports

There might be cases where bookies have even more rewards that clients can choose from, but it usually depends on the site itself. Of course, football has the most active bonuses and comes in various forms. For example, there are things like free bets, boosted odds for some matches, additional markets, fantasy football perks, and so much more.

Albeit not the preferred sport in most countries, some bookies also have perks for badminton. This sport has its advantages, such as higher odds, but since most events are a pretty difficult to predict, bookies often have cashback bonuses.

These perks are also available for basketball and tennis, two of the preferred sports in many countries. Interestingly, these two also have a variety of special offers for the live betting section.

One of the sports that are more interesting than the rest when discussing bonuses is eSports. The fact that there are different kinds of computer games that people can wager on allows operators to come up with unique perks only for them. We can’t go into detail because each eSportlink outside website title is unique, so expect to find a lot of things.


Key things to remember about the bonuses

Regardless of what kind of reward you want, it will have specific requirements. Before checking them, make sure to be familiar with the general rules that every bookie/casino has to offer. If some of the general rules and the specific requirements for the promotions are contradicting each other, you should probably contact the customer support department to ask for more information. Generally speaking, most betting brands will require you to adhere to specific regulations.