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World of Warcraft: interesting facts that you might not know

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It does not matter that World of Warcraf has not advanced graphics as in modern games - this is absolutely not the main thing here. The important thing is how reverently the developers treat their project, how carefully they write new scenarios, create locations, and think through the mechanics.

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Over the many years that World of Warcraft has existed, its fan base is getting bigger and bigger. Parents play this game with their children. And all because this game simply has no equal. Many game dev companies tried to copy some motives of the game, but no one succeeded in conveying the atmosphere of a fantasy world with a huge amount of diverse and interesting content so perfectly.

Despite the fact that new games are released every year, including the MMORPG genre, new players come to World of Warcraft. And all this is so interesting that there are thousands of people who play for example for one faction, and then years later decide to play for another, even though they have to start all over again. Boosting services help them in leveling up their accounts if they don't want to level up the hero from scratch. World of Warcraft boostinglink outside website includes power leveling, collectibles, buying gold, completing reds, and much more.


This game became, in fact, the ancestor of modern MMORPGs and was able to survive a lot of trends like battle royales and other online grinds.

Perhaps you consider yourself a dedicated WoW fan, but you might not know everything about your favorite game. Some interesting facts are not so well-known in the Warcraft fan community.

The Chinese version of World of Warcraft was heavily censored

We’ll start with a fairly well-known, but not-so-pop fact. The developers had to significantly alter the visual of "Warcraft" before releasing it to the Chinese market. Local censorship turned out to be so strict that Blizzard had to completely rework the models of playable characters of the undead race, remove pieces of human bodies from the tables (they were replaced by pieces of bread), and change the models of undead mobs - instead, players fought with "almost-dead" people. China always censors the video game worldlink outside website and WoW is no exception.

The Silithus region was destroyed for a reason

In the final part of the Legion, the Silithus region was finally and irrevocably destroyed. And this area was chosen for a reason, as Blizzard knew that the players do not like it. And the developers themselves were not eager to update it, leaving it unchanged in its original form, starting in 2006.

Blizzard loves adding monuments to WoW

Yes, the world of Warcraft is full of memorials that appear as a token of some event or person. For example, after the official cancellation of work on a solo project with Nova, a corresponding platform appeared in Outland with the name of the heroine. Also, a fan of the game Ezra Chatterton left a huge mark on history, to whom World of Warcraft helped brighten up the last months of his life. He was mortally ill, and the developers decided to make a unique questlink outside website chain in honor of him, create a legendary crossbow and give the phoenix mount a name.

The game had a professional "survival"

"Survival" was to be used to create campfires and torches, which were later used in locations such as Duskwood. In such places, the players were not supposed to see beyond their noses, and therefore the fire would be simply necessary. But a little later, the developers decided to abandon this idea, as they considered that it was too tricky for the players.

The very first zones Blizzard made were Stormwind, Westfall, and Elwynn Forest

Map of Elwynn Forest
Map of Elwynn Forest

And they were made back in 2001 on the then version of an imperfect game engine. Over time, other locations began to appear in World of Warcraft, and the developers were forced to even give up experiments with Stormwind for some time. Some enthusiasts, using cheats, found entire hidden quarters in the capital, which were made in a different design. It is likely that the "Nearby" simply could not decide at first how they want to see the largest city of the Alliance in the end.


Chris Metzen, the author of the game, “taught” Arthas how to walk.

The King Terenas assassination cinematic's Arthas walk animation loop was based on Chris Metzen's walk footage, a game writer for Blizzard. Therefore, we may assume that the Warcraft III scriptwriter also enters the throne room together with the fallen prince.

The names of non-story NPCs are friends and relatives of level designers

Blizzard developers loved to leave little Easter eggs, and one of them is the names of various peasants that come across along the way. From the famous - heroes of the "Fight Club" in the first mission of the Undead campaign from Reign of Chaos. But few people know where the more ordinary names came from. For example, the woman Alicia, who asks to save the boy Timmy from the clutches of the gnolls, is named after the wife of the level creator Tim Campbell.

Reign of Chaos has a bridge repair mechanic

In the fourth Undead mission, Key of the Three Moons, Sylvanas breaks the bridge at the location where the player's squad starts the mission. This bridge can be repaired by issuing a repair order to a novice. Perhaps these are details of unrealized mechanics that were conceived at the initial stages of development and they were simply forgotten to be removed. However, this particular bridge can be repaired back.

We hope that in this article we were able to surprise you a little with some facts about the World of Warcraft. And even if you knew them, you were a little nostalgic with us about past victories and defeats, glorious battles, and loyal allies from the amazing world of this game.