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Professional mobile game development services that create engaging, high-quality, and immersive gaming experiences. Services include game design, programming, art, audio, and testing. Delivering games for Android, iOS, and other platforms.

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The game creation process is complex, requiring a series of steps. The area of expertise is pretty wide and multi-dimensional. It includes game design and programming, graphic and sound design, testing and quality control, monetization and publishing, and finally, performing game analytics. This whole thing might seem like a rabbit hole to go down. Yet, every complicated thing needs to be treated with precision and breaking down big goals into small parts.

Is it purely technical work to create mobile games? That is not true. Alongside multiple steps that have to do with technology and the sphere of IT knowledge, crafting a great game takes creativity, imaginativeness, and, probably, innate talent for these things.


Logically, the creation of games should be performed by game production teams that can offer all of those mentioned above. So, suppose you or your company have ever considered outsourcing. In that case, it’s time for you to look at professional and experienced teams such as Stepico to get the most attractive games.

This mobile game development companylink outside website exists especially for cases when outsourcing is needed. Their portfolio includes projects such as Century Siege, Nile Valley, Hero Ring, Alien 911, Discovery, and the much-anticipated Guilds of Guardians coming soon.

What a Dev Team Can Do for You: Mobile Game Development Broken Down

Games always have this wow effect on us: how they impress us at first sight can’t be underestimated. In the last years, humanity has been developing games with the help of up-to-the-minute technologies that help to reach strikingly great images. Unity, Redis, AWS, Kubernetes – these and other household names belong to the stack assisting the studio in production. Only games with excellent graphics, thought-through characters, and smooth performance have the chance to come out on top of ratings.

So, here we are coming to outsourcing. Why is hiring pro teams an essential element for the success of games? For many gaming companies, they are the answer and the surefire way to overcome struggles and scale up production.

The great thing is that an outsourced team, such as Stepico, would offer you a whole range of services and lead the developing process from the beginning till the end. They will be responsible for the following:

1. Creating software for games of any level.

By delegating creative tasks to Stepico, you will receive a program that matches your goals and is flexible and adaptable to many devices. This will save time and costs compared to hiring new in-house staff and, at the same time, will grant continuous guidance in the sphere.

2. Design of art of the desired type: 2D, 3D, VFX, illustrations for animated characters, location, and more.

Visual effects are developed with respect to the overall game concept, whether it is fantastic, historical, or any other type. Here belong all stages of:

• Working out 2D and 3D characters

• Top-notch location, environment, and background modeling

• Conceptualization

• Making smooth animation graphics

• Crafting detailed digital models of objects like props with make-believe properties and textures

• Development of promos

Reaching all of these goals is done by relying on the state of the art technologies.

3. Custom game making.

The team is capable of developing outstanding and eye-catching digital graphics for games that belong to several platforms: Mobile, PC (Windows, MacOS, Linux, WebGL), and consoles like XBox and PlayStation. All setups, game infrastructures, testing, optimizing, and postproduction are performed without tightening your budget by perfecting every bug and doing maintenance work.


In mobile game making, you can rely on excellent results and having exciting products, whether this is a shooter, puzzle, casual games, strategy, or a mixture of several. Both Android and iOS development are within Stepico's spectrum of creative potential.

Of course, there is more to the studio's features for gaming companies. The ambitious, tech-savvy, and experienced team would go above and beyond to craft something unique and worthy of taking a second look at.

Peculiarities of Outsourced Mobile Game Development

The Stepico studio is going to make every wish come true and be there at every stage of the product’s life, up to the launch, promotion, and post-release support. Still, this isn’t everything, and game development is not restricted by those average mobile slots we are used to seeing on our app stores.

If you are eager to embrace the technological world's advances and enter the crypto sphere, hiring the team could be the right decision. Here is why: ordering blockchain games would mean you expand and gain new clients interested in monetizing their achievements and get a new motivation for playing. Such products are already known to be the next big thing without exaggeration.

On the one hand, users would be able to spend time in well-shaped fictional worlds while getting real-world benefits in the form of assets and interacting with other players. The structure of such games is more complicated and will also allow for gaining NFTs, selling the ones they want. RPGs of this type also have a few modes: single- or multiplayer.

Besides blockchain games, the team offers cross-platform mobile slots, which means greater flexibility and no need to build two variants of one and the same slot.

Giant companies such as Dreamworks, NBC Universal, and Prey Studios have already tried the studio and found it trustworthy. So, get ready to be impressed with what a talented studio with full access to the latest technology can do for the gaming industry!