5 games that will hit metal fans in 2023

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Rock on with 2023's top 5 metal-inspired games. From intense battles to musical challenges, these games are set to strike a chord with metal fans.

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Actually, almost all metal fans are addicted to the gaming fever. But many players also love to listen to metal. So it's no surprise that online experiences that combine both have quickly become big sellers in the industry. This is because the soundtrack often adds an extra dimension to the overall immersive experience, building up all sorts of tensions that hint at dangers and challenges in the virtual world. And some enthusiasts just listen to the sounds for fun. In the last 12 months, countless interactive titles have been released on a wide variety of platforms, and some of these titles feature excellent metal soundtracks that you can then fall back on at any time while participating. In this article, we'll introduce you to five outstanding examples that you should definitely check out but also listen to.


Doom Eternal

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One of the greatest series ever published in the history of this industry, Doom Eternal had some teething problems before the release of the fifth installment. This is because a sprawling dispute arose between the developer company, "id Software," and composer Mick Gordon over the compilation of the soundtracks, and especially after loyal followers complained about the differences between the music in the experience and that heard in the soundtrack album. So/und designer Gordon later suggested in interviews that the majority of the sounds had been removed from his composer's control, while the company countered that Gordon himself had not finished mixing each soundtrack in time for the experience's launch.

But despite all the disputes and controversies, the sounds heard in the experience were still enthusiastically received by Doom fans. In the experience itself, a "heavy metal chorus" with James Rivera from Helstar and Tony Campos from Static-X form the backdrop for some excellent battle scenes. The relentless battle against overpowered demons has never sounded so good.

Hammerfall Slot

Just as video game technology improves every year, a wide variety of online casino games are gradually being brought up to the latest technological standards. Many of these games already contain the most detailed storylines and bonus features, which are already so advanced that they resemble the standard of console games that were state-of-the-art just a few years ago.

The increasing popularity of slot games has now led to many metal bands agreeing to release games of chance under their name; this has already happened with Megadeth, among others, but also with Motorhead. "Hammerfall" is the latest game in this metal genre and is completely styled in its presentation. Especially the melodic background accompaniment by lead singer Joacim Cans stands out in the sound of the game. Not only is the wide fan base kept happy in this slot by some of the band's best hits, but it is also possible to hit some of the ten bonus properties in the game and - with a bit of luck - also win up to 30,000 times the stake.

Fortunately, gambling is not to everyone's taste, but this game, in particular, offers an interesting insight into a slightly different form of entertainment. Moreover, you can play this slot demo version for free at outside website, so you don't have to spend your own money. This is another way to spend a few minutes with metal.

Post Void

Post Void is also considered a kind of "mini doom" in many places, as it takes us on a journey into a disturbing, colorful world full of strange enemies that definitely provides a goosebumps atmosphere. Of course, it needs a metal soundtrack to add to the constant chaos and tension.

While the game design is kept quite simple, the game developers still managed to pack a lot of emotion into every single game sequence. Thus, there is no possibility for the player to rest, although there are still places in the game to which you can save yourself once the omnipresent and deadly dangers lurk in the gameplay again. Post Void is certainly not an ordinary shooter game: for it skillfully combines elements of old-school punk with the most varied animations. Therefore, you'll hardly have time to catch your breath. And the heavy metal anthems will make your blood boil. How long will you be tied to this game?



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Hades, named after the mystical god of the underworld, is a dungeon crawler that will take you to the unfathomable depths of a hidden and subterranean universe. At the same time, it will be your task to guide Zagreus, the god's son, to the heights of Olympus.

Your path to the goal will be full of obstacles, of course, but with the help of a well-dosed combination of magic, speed, and good old hack and slash that will accompany you until the end of the game, you'll have to fight your way to the top. But fortunately, the fantastic soundtrack is always audible.

Although Hades has always been critically scrutinized due to its complex storyline, gameplay, characters, and accompanying soundtrack music, it has nevertheless been showered with numerous awards and finally proclaimed 2020 "Game of the Year 2020". More than a million copies of this top seller have already been sold. With this game, too, you'll not only hear great music, but also enjoy a great gaming experience.

Tank Paladin

This strangely named side-scrolling action platformer is reminiscent of "Mega Man," but also offers a unique mix of interesting characters, great combat scenes, and especially hard music.

Your mission in this game is to help Flame, an android specialized in rescue missions, and a paladin robot named Grit in their fight against terrifying invaders that have come to conquer Earth. Some of the weapons in this game are great choices. Among them, there is one that launches an on-screen attack.

Although the Panzer game genre may not always stand for the best titles in the entertainment universe, this product has basically received almost exclusively positive reviews. Some players also compare Panzer Paladin to a good old-school NES shooter - and who wasn't satisfied with that?


In conclusion, the fusion of metal music and entertainment has become an increasingly popular and enthralling combination in the industry. While the text initially delved into the seamless integration of metal soundtracks into various experiences, it later explored specific titles that exemplify this union.

"Doom Eternal" showcased how disputes between developers and composers could spark controversies, yet the game's audial experience continued to captivate its fan base. "Hammerfall Slot" exemplified the convergence of online casino games with metal music, offering an enticing and potentially rewarding alternative for those seeking entertainment.

"Post Void" emerged as a unique, adrenaline-inducing shooter that effectively used a metal soundtrack to heighten its chaotic atmosphere. "Hades" and "Tank Paladin" further demonstrated that compelling narratives, fast-paced gameplay, and remarkable soundtracks can lead to critical acclaim and commercial success.

Ultimately, the relationship between metal music and entertainment continues to evolve, shaping new avenues for player immersion and enjoyment. This text shed light on the symbiotic connection between these two worlds, highlighting their capacity to captivate, excite, and engage both enthusiasts and metal fans alike.