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Find Out If Esports Teams Share Similarities In Their Logos Designs

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Logos are essential for any sporting brand. Cloud 9, Space Soldier, 100 Thieves, and other Esports teams have different logos, but do they have anything in common? Read on for more information.

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What do Team Logos in Esports Have in Common?

Although video games have existed for years, the Esports industry has recently taken organized and competitive gaming to another level. Many teams are also emerging, which calls for distinction among competing teams. This is where the quality and uniqueness of a logo come in.

Jimmy Daytona, a BetZillion expert on betting, spoke with 1000 Logos, a company responsible for creating a database of logotypes and brands, about what Esports team's logos have in common and their difference from logos from other niches.


What Is Common in Cyber Sports Logos?

Aside from the names of competing teams, a logo is another noticeable part of Esports teams. Whether it is a lettermark, wordmark, badge, icon, mascot, or combination, they distinguish teams from others. With their uniqueness and message, teams put great effort into creating excellent logos. But there are some similar attributes about them; check them out below.

1. Visual Appeal

Most Esports teams use attractive colors and designs to help their logo stand out. They also use sharp lines and contrasting colors, which help identify them on esports betting siteslink outside website or during tournaments. Some even use mythical creatures and technological designs to show what the team stands for, as TeamLiquid & Orbit shows in their emblem.

2. Brand Identity

Another similar attribute in Esports logos is that they illustrate team values. The designs' uniqueness shows the team's skills, spirit, values, and teamwork. Some logos tell hidden stories about the Esport teams, as seen in the Tyloo and Godsent logos. These, in turn, help their followers easily recognize these logos and create deeper connections with the team.

3. Scalability

Adaptability is another exciting and common attribute of logos in the Esports industry. Their flexible designs make it easy to adapt to the different sizes and platforms they show on. This helps them retain their quality, brand identity, and purpose, regardless of how big or small their size is. The Envyus, Cloud9, and Space Soldiers emblems show these attributes better.

How do Esports Logos Differ from Logos from Other Niches?

Logos generally helps identify the brands they represent, regardless of the industry. But you must have noticed a few distinguishing details about logos in specific industries when you compared them with others. The following are some ways Esports logos differ from those in other niches:

Game elements: The game elements often shown in Esports logos are one of its distinguishing factors from other niches. Most logos often carry weapons, landscapes, or characters referencing the games they represent. It aids engagement and identification by Esports fans.

3D Effects and Textures: The visual styles of Esports emblems are also different, as you will find metallic textures in some and 3D designs in others. Other niches' logos often stick with 2D and flat designs, but designers often need to add visual interest and depth to enhance the overall appeal of the designs.

Dynamism and Action: Esports is a fast-paced gaming industry, and this often shows in their logos. While some sectors may promote stability, Esports' competitiveness, swiftness, and energy are widespread. Most logos carry shapes, lines, or typography that represents these attributes. Some good examples are OG with clashing Red Bulls and Virtus PRO with a tiger head on their logos.

Appeal to Gamers: Since the target audience of Esports gaming is mainly younger generations who are tech-savvy, the logos always appeal to game players. The symbols often attract people from the gaming community, as seen in the G2 logo. Other niches' logos often have broader targets, thus making their logos less game-focused and appealing to gamers than those in Esports.


Guide to Joining an Esports Team

As the Esports gaming industry keeps expanding, joining a team is rewarding. Since we aim to help our users with their dreams at BetZillion, you're in the right place if you wish to join an Esport team. The following tips will guide you through the process.

Guide   Explanation
Pick Your Preferred Game With diverse games in the industry, the first step to being a professional is picking one of the games that interests you. You have Dota 2, League of Legends, Call of Duty, CS: GO, and others to choose from. Consider your experience, skills, and interests while selecting. It will also direct you towards the right team to join.
Improve Your Skills The next step after game selection is enhancing your skills in the game. If you want to join the top guns in the gaming industry, you must be ready to compete with the best. Invest your time learning new gaming skills and strategies, practicing, and competing with other players. Also, think about joining a community for your preferred esports game, and they can help you with tips and updates to improve your skills.
Build Network and Connection You must also relate with players and teams to build connections to join a team. You can do this online via social media and forums. As you participate in the group, you will link up with experiences that help you grow and fellow upcoming players with whom you can practice and develop. You can even meet some team players through this process.
Have a Portfolio and Resume While your performance proves your skills and experience, having a professional resume and showcasing your portfolio will distinguish you from others. Ensure you attach all your achievements from your past tournament results and gaming experience. Footage and highlights of your gaming skills will also help.
Apply and Interview for Teams You have to apply for teams; this is one area where networking and connection-building aid your dream. Getting ads for team players in a forum is more accessible, and you can even get recommended by some of your contacts. Ensure you apply to as many vacancies as possible and prepare for interviews. Prepare to defend your skills and answer questions when you get an invitation, and don't stop practising even after getting a role.

Guide to Placing Esports Bets

While it may be strange, wagering on Cybersports is simple and like sports betting. With access to top Esports betting sites on our platform, you can wager on your game of choice and stand a chance of winning real money. Follow our guide below.

• Choose an Esports Bookmaker

• Create an Account


• Choose a Payment Option

• Place Esport Bet

Choose an Esports Bookmaker

The first step in placing an Esports wager is to choose your Esports bookmaker. They should provide competitive odds on all or nearly all Esports events. While choosing your platform, watch for Esports gambling sites that include exciting live betting and streaming options.

Create an Account

You must sign up for an Esports betting account to view the events. After creating an account, the operator will provide your details to your sportsbook account. Go to your preferred Esports website and finish the signup process.

Choose a Payment Option

Choosing a payment method that is convenient for you is an important part of Esports betting. By visiting the website's payment section, you can do this to fund your betting accounts to place Esports bets.

Place Esport Bet

Check your game selections and insert the amount you want to stake. Ensure you are OK with the slip before submitting your wager. Place your bet and wait for the matches in your selections to end. If your wager wins, the operator will add the winnings to your balance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a good esports logo?

A good Esports logo must reflect the type of game your team plays and your values. It must target your preferred audience. Further, all attributes, like fonts, mascots, and colors, must reflect your team's qualities and be scalable.

What esports games can I bet on?

Depending on your choice of bookmakers, you can access multiple games to bet on. Leagues of Legends, CS:GO, Call of Duty, Dota 2, and many other titles are available. You can stake your money on pre-match and in-play Esports matches. Exciting markets like Total Map Kills, Map Winner, etc., are also available.