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Season of the Malignant: Everything you need to get the most out of Diablo IV

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Learn all about seasonal characters and discover the best way to gain XP and enjoy the Season of the Malignant!

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Diablo IV got, last Thursday (20th), its first season. Until October 17th (2023), we'll be facing a new form of Lilith's corruption. Your goal is to fight against that Malignancy, besides finding out its origin.

The Season of the Malignant brought new quests, bosses and equipment, not to mention the Battle Pass, with amazing cosmetic items.

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I had the privilege of playing and living through all of that. After finishing the season quests, I decided to write up this article, so you can enjoy these new things too.


Seasonal Characters

The first step is making a character in the Seasonal Realm to enable all the resources from this Season.

How does the Seasonal Character Work?

We'll always have to create a new character for every season, renewing our builds and adding dynamic to our gameplay.

To finish our hero, we have a small step in which we select a few options (such as skipping the campaign or selecting the Hardcore mode). In that same step, by clicking "Start Game", we find some directions about the Realms.

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The Seasonal Realm offers us access to the Seasonal quest lines and content; as for the Eternal Realm, it is a traditional experience of Diablo IV. Make sure your character is part of the Seasonal Realm.

Note: At the end of each Season, your seasonal characters will go to the Eternal Realm automatically. So, you won't lose them, rest assured.


No spoilers. Basically, the Sanctuary is still suffering with the consequences of Lilith's return.

An abomination spread throughout the region, corrupting the citizens. The corruption works in the following way: humans were made with two sides: Angelic and Demonic. Lilith awakens everyone's Demonic side, causing their souls to be consumed by hatred.

Cormond is the only person who understands the situation a bit better, and this former priest of the Cathedral of Light will guide you throughout the story.

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The Season's quests will only be unlocked in case you have finished the main story, so I highly recommend that you use Skip Campaign when creating your character. This option shows up only for those who have already completed the story, but if that isn't your case, make a hero (in the Seasonal Realm) and complete the story as soon as you can.

After that, you'll be able to note that a few quests have a different symbol; a tree leaf. That's what we are looking for! This icon represents the seasonal content.

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We have both a new campaign to follow with the seasonal story, and a few journeys with "achievements".

Let's start mapping out the campaign quests. Logically, they follow the same story as we have described. The story quests are your main source of experience, and I highly recommend them to level up.


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Among the campaign quests, there are activities and requisites such as "Complete the Chapter 1 in the Journey". In this case, we must access the Season tab, by pressing U (PC shortcut), and complete the minimum number of quests from that chapter.

Each quest grants a Favor. Favors are the way of progressing in the Seasonal Pass.

So, always focus on completing the Journeys, as they are prerequisites, both to progress the story and the pass.


Battle Pass

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We have discussed the pass in the topic above, so why not explain it a bit better?

It offers 90 tiers, of which 27 are free. Currently, the pass costs 1000 Platinum, or you can also get the Accelerated version for 2800. But don't worry, as Diablo IV is far from being Pay to Win.

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You'll be able to see each version of the pass with more detail here:

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Final Words

I hope you understand the Season of the Malignant a bit better!

I'm at your disposal for any questions or suggestions down below in the comment section.

See you later!