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Overwatch 2: Best Heroes to Play in 2023

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2023 barely started, and you can already climb the Overwatch 2 ranked ladder! Check out today the best heroes to win many matches!

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translated by Joey Sticks

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revised by Tabata Marques

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It's not always easy to climb ranks in a game, particularly in a team-based game such as Overwatch 2, and that is why today I'll bring you the best heroes to help you with this journey!


Let's start with the tanks. If you like being in the front lines and protecting your team, this class is for you!


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Roadhog is an Australian executor famous for his destruction trails. This hero is incredibly strong in the meta, showing up in various current tier lists internationally.


Though the tank's role is to defend their team, with Roadhog it is a bit different: this hero's ability kit makes you play a bit more aggressively, and go looking for kills.

His main source of kills will be through the ability Chain Hook, in which he literally pulls an enemy. It's worth remembering that Roadhog uses a Short-range spread weapon, so attracting your enemy closer to you will be practically a free kill!

Chain Hook can also be very useful to interrupt enemy abilities, as it literally stuns the enemy, cancelling any skills that are being charged.

Tip: It is possible to pull a target to a free fall or a whole with the Chain Hook ability, as it will fall out of the map and be instantly eliminated.

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As I mentioned, Roadhog has a game style which is more aggressive than most tanks, taking many risks and opening the possibility of being killed. To avoid that, you can count with the ability Take a Breather, which heals him immensely, and also reduces the damage taken for a short period of time.

His ultimate makes Roadhog equip another weapon, which pushes enemies backwards, but don't try to use it just to kill, as keeping it for a possible overtime is very good, if you consider pushing back your enemies from the objective.

Roadhog is one of the most fun Tanks in Overwatch 2, his pulling enemies mechanics is very nice, and definitely it will tilt your enemies a lot.


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Orisa is a robot built by a genius 11-year-old girl, her objective is to defend her city (Numbani) and use her powers for good!

Being very flexible, Orisa can be used both for aggression and to protect her allies.

One of the biggest proofs of this flexibility is the ability Energy Javelin. When activating it, this hero launches a dart that pushes the enemy backwards, and in case this enemy is pushed against a wall, they'll be stunned. For those that know League of Legends, this skill is very similar to Vayne's E, one of the game's characters.

As mentioned before, Energy Javelin can be used offensively or defensively, as it can eliminate an enemy instantaneously in case they are pushed outside the map, and at the same time, you can use this ability to push back an enemy that is threatening your allies.

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Her second skill is Fortify, which makes Orisa get a temporary extra life, besides reducing the damage taken and making her unable to get stunned.

Another one of her good abilities is Javelin Spin, in which Orisa starts spinning her Javelin to block projectile and melee attacks.

I risk saying Orisa has one of the strongest ultimates in Overwatch 2, as Terra Surge makes her attract close enemies to herself, besides dealing a powerful AoE attack. The longer you charge this attack, the more damage you will deal.

Orisa also can't be stunned when activating her ultimate, so it isn't possible to stun her or cancel the ability.


It is a very flexible and even easy to play champ, and in case you want to push forward, just activate Fortify and run towards the highest number of enemies possible, and then ult!


Now let's talk about DPS heroes, the most popular class in Overwatch 2!


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Sojourn was once leader of the Overwatch team, and was considered its strategist! It is the most powerful DPS in the current meta, dominating current tier lists.

One of the main advantages in FPS games is mobility, and Sojourn excels at that! Power Slide makes her slide quickly across the floor, and in case you jump during it, you'll jump higher. It is excellent to push forward or escape threats.

Sojourn's second ability is Disruptive Shot, in which she releases a small amount of energy, dealing AoE damage.

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By activating her Ultimate, her weapon is enhanced for a while, causing shots to pierce enemies. However, it's worth mentioning that shots don't pierce barriers, so be very careful when it's time to activate the ultimate to not be stopped by one of these barriers.

One of Sojourn's mechanics is her weapon's energy, which she always shoots with the left click of the mouse, which will store the energy spent to use it in a much more powerful shot with the right click of the mouse. During her ultimate, this energy will recharge on its own, making it possible to shoot more times with the right click of the mouse!

As mentioned before, she is dominating the meta. I recommend her to all DPS players, but be careful when it's time to use her ultimate as it is a mechanic a bit hard for most beginners.


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Roadhog's partner, Junkrat is another Australian who is a fan of destruction. His story already says a lot about his game style, as Junkrat is one of the most aggressive DPS heroes in the game.

I mentioned before that mobility is very strong in Overwatch, right? Junkrat's Concussion Mine helps him have mobility a lot, as it is a mine that when exploded makes you jump very high. This ability also deals damage and knocks up enemies.

Better than having mobility, is taking mobility out of your enemies. For that, we have Steel Trap, an ability in which Junkrat leaves a trap on the ground, and in case any enemies step on it, they'll be stuck for a while, and then it will be a piece of cake for you to hit them many times!

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Junkrat's ultimate is RIP-Tire, in which you will control a tire with many explosives, and when activating these explosives you will deal a lot of damage to enemies around, many times insta-killing them.

Just a warning: activate your ultimate in a safe place because Junkrat will be immobile and defenseless when he's controlling the RIP-Tire.

Junkrat also has a passive ability. Every time he dies, bombs will explode around his body. Be warned in case you are against a Junkrat.


He is quite fun and aggressive, one of my favorite DPS heroes. I recommend you give him a shot in case you liked his abilities.


Let's move on to the last class, Supports! Last but not least, all the opposite, really, usually Supports are the ones who most carry matches when they play well. If you are a good Support, you won't need any ow2 boostlink outside website to rank higher!


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Kiriko is Japanese, daughter to Shimada clan members. She learned the art of ninjutsu with her mother, besides also learning her grandfather's healing abilities. Ever since then, her goal is to rid the Shimada clan from their rivals, the Hashimoto clan.

She has two movements with the mouse: with one button you will release healing talismans to her allies, and in the other she throws a Kunai to deal damage to opponents.

Don't underestimate Kiriko's damage, as even though she is a Support, if you hit some Kunais to the enemies' heads, you will kill them.

Now on to the abilities. Swift Step allows you to teleport to an ally, and is very good to heal them if they're in mortal danger, as well as it is useful for Kiriko herself to escape threats.

As for Protection Suzu, it is an amulet that makes all allies in its area invulnerable, besides getting rid of some negative effects too. It is unquestionably one of Overwatch's best abilities.

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Her ultimate is Kitsune Rush, in which Kiriko releases the spirit of a fox that leaves a trail behind.

Allies that go through this trail get movement and attack speed, besides recharging abilities faster!

She is quite fun and strong. I've always seen Supports playing Kiriko in competitive play, and you can be sure you will climb many ranks if you dominate this hero. But, I fear she is a bit difficult to play. I recommend her to the most experienced.


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Ana is one of Overwatch's founders, and she is known for being the best sniper in the world!

As I've already mentioned the fact she is a great sniper, you must have imagined that Ana uses a sniper rifle, right?

With this rifle, you can deal damage to enemies, but also heal allies. Keep in mind that by pressing the right mouse button, it is possible to activate the weapon's scope.

Her first ability is quite simple. Sleep Dart is literally a dart that makes your enemies sleep. It works really well to cancel opponent's abilities, but it is also excellent to defend yourself in case someone in the enemy team comes close to you, as Ana is much more effective at a distance.

Another one of her abilities is Biotic Grenade which, when released, heals allies and stops enemies from healing. It's worth mentioning that this grenade increases the healing efficiency of all sources of healing in your team, including your sniper's.

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Nano Boost is Ana's ultimate. You will only be able to activate it by aiming at an ally, and this ally will have their damage increased besides taking less damage. I prefer to use this ultimate in Tanks, who make up the front lines. It is quite strong and will surprise you.

In case you like snipers and prefers long range, Ana might be your hero!

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed today's article. Tell me whether you agree or not with this tier list! Were there any heroes missing?

In case you have questions about Overwatch 2, you are welcomed to comment down below, and it will be a pleasure to answer you! Good luck in ranked and see you next time!