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For gamblers from gamers: the most expected games of summer 2023

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Find out what novelties from the world of video games may be of interest to gamblers.

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One of today's gamblers' favorite pastimes is to test new online casinos that have been popping up like mushrooms lately after the rain. Fiat online casinos, crypto casinos, hybrid ones - there are many options, just have time to test.

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In all this cycle of "welcome bonuslink outside website - new online slots - no deposit bonuslink outside website - loyalty program - live dealer games - progressive jackpot - etc." sometimes the gamblers want to change the perspective of interests. And here video games are the best fit, especially since the long-awaited continuations of popular game series will finally be released in the summer of 2023. Details are in this article.


Street Fighter 6

Opening the release list this summer is the continuation of the Street Fighter series, the 6th numbered part of the line, which returns many popular characters, e.g. Ryu and Chun-Li, and also adds some new fighters with unique features and moves.

SF has a very well-developed e-sports component, so we could expect SF6 to be aimed at players who know what frames, juggles and projectiles are. In parallel with this, the project'll allow the gamers to create their own character, go through a single-player campaign, explore a large-scale multiplayer hub, and even play arcade machines with classic Capcom games - in other words, do everything in order that different categories of users aren't bored.

Diablo IV

Diablo IV went to release for a really while, and now, finally, it went 'for gold': this means that the game will definitely be released on time - June 6th. The developers note that this time the beginning should go smoothly, and they'll attempt to prevent errors like those observed on the presentation of Diablo III. This is in part confirmed by the participants of the past stages of testing the title - at least, everything is in order with the performance of the game, and it works even on weak PCs.

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Gamers are expecting 5 classes of characters, an enormous world, many thousands of monsters, dangerous bosses and an epic battle with the mother of suffering Lilith within the final. As well as PvP, auction, co-op missions and lots of other multiplayer activities.

Final Fantasy XVI

The 16th numbered part of the FF series (in fact, there are a lot of them, if the gamer counts spin-offs and games divided into 2 or 3 releases) is traditionally not connected with previous titles in this franchise. New plot, new heroes, new monsters and fighting techniques.

The game takes place in the universe called Valisteia, and players'll need to get used to the role of a member of the nobility, who embarks on the path of revenge after tragic events. Players are expecting an epic storyline, large-scale battles and attractive locations. FF XVI is going to be a PlayStation 5 exclusive.

Park Beyond

Park Beyond is a theme park simulator with no limits. The game gives the gamer the possibility to be creative, creating the most incredible attractions, and presents the gamers all the tools for this, including terraforming and an enormous selection of objects.

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Players'll experience a single-player campaign with a story about a dreamer who strives to create the nicest park in the world, as well as a sandbox where the gamer could turn around at full strength. If the gamer has mastered all the content in Planet Coaster and are craving something new, Park Beyond seems to be just what they need.

Baldur's Gate III

Like previous parts of the game, Baldur's Gate III becomes a role-playing game where the gamer controls a lot of characters as they explore the game universe, complete various tasks, and take part in battles. Each of the characters is an independent personality with its own history, motivation and aspirations.


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Unlike previous games, where battles took place in real time with a tactical pause, BG III battles must be completely turn-based. The gamer creates their own character - from 15 available races - or take 1 of the ready-made ones, with a story and character already written; other pre-made characters also are encountered in the game as possible companions of the protagonist.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

In the project, players take on the role of 1 of the victims or a member of a family of maniacs, to which the killer nicknamed "Leatherface" also belongs. All the victims have to survive and escape from the house, and the killers got to stop them.

Each of the victims has its own characteristics - someone opens locks without any afford, someone can withstand more damage. There's also a leveling tree that gives the gamer a possibility to enhance heroes by interacting with other survivors. As for the killers, all of them also have certain abilities that affect the gameplay. The game is very respectful of the original even in detail, and the change in the formula familiar from 'Friday the 13th' (1 killer) benefited the project. Apparently, given the variability of situations and mechanics, the gamer can get stuck in the game for a long time.

In conclusion

There are a lot of novelties planned for the summer of 2023, which not only attract gamers, but also distract gamblers from testing new online casinos. The best idea is to combine these areas of interest, because there can be only two pleasures better than one pleasure.