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Best Valorant Skins in 2023

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Do you want to buy a Valorant skin, but don't know which? Check out today the most beautiful skins with the best effects for each weapon!

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translated by Joey Sticks

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revised by Tabata Marques

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For sure, it is very frustrating getting a skin and being disappointed with it, and at the same time it is very annoying to research all the skins to see which one is better to get. As a result, I brought a compilation of the best looks for each Valorant weapon!

Best Valorant Skins in 2023


Let's start out by Knives. They are usually expensive (so don't be scared), but they will always be with you, as they are impossible to drop.

RGX 11z Pro Blade

When you think of knives or blades, is there something cooler than a Katana? The RGX Pro Blade is nothing more than a fantastic Katana for you to cut down your opponents!


It is a bit expensive, but in fact, knife VFXs have always had high prices in FPS games.

Price: 4350 Valorant Points (VPs)

Check out a video of this beauty!

Reaver Karambit

Karambits have always been stylish, and Reaver certainly will surprise you. If you're not a fan of Katanas, this will be the best choice for you!

Price: 4350 VPs

Check out some of its Level 2 effects:


Let's move on to the most basic pistol, Classic, a common staple of First Rounds as it's free. So, a Classic skin is usually worth it!

Spectrum Classic

I literally love this skin — besides beautiful, it plays a song if it's level 2, just press "Y" (the short key to showcase your weapon). It is already cheaper than knives!

Price: 2675 VPs

Check out the video below for the effects and music this look offers you:

Glitchpop Classic

If you didn't like Spectrum, and you're looking for something more colorful and attention-grabbing, or just want a cheaper option, I recommend Glitchpop. It is beautiful and has a more accessible price.

Price: 2175 VPs


Prelude to Chaos Shorty

For me, the best look for Shorty by far is Prelude to Chaos. The weapon is black with purple highlights, and from a certain level onward it has a sensational finish effect.

Price: 2175 VPs


Elderflame Frenzy

How about a Dragon perched on a weapon, shooting fire? That's what Frenzy's Elderflame skin offers you! Quite uncommon, but it's very beautiful, check it out in the video below:

Price: 2475 VPs


Gaia's Vengeance Ghost

Gaia's Vengeance Ghost has branches that give it a tree aspect for this weapon. This skin also offers wonderful sound effects, besides a beautiful finish from level 4 onwards!

Price: 1775 VPs


ChronoVoid Sheriff

In case you like more futuristic themes, you'll probably like ChronoVoid Sheriff. Even the way it recharges has references to something more modern.

Price: 2175 VPs

Note: If you're looking for a cheaper Sheriff skin, I recommend Reaver Sheriff for 1775 VPs.


Moving on from Pistols, let's go to the primary weapons, starting with the SMG Stinger!

Prelude to Chaos Stinger

It is from the same line as the Shorty I recommended here, with the same themes and finish.

Price: 2175 VPs


Reaver Spectre

Another skin with a beautiful finish is the level 4 Reaver Spectre. It has darker colors and I loved it! Besides being more accessible than other skins that have shown up here.

Price: 1775 VPs



Let's talk shotguns!

Prime 2.0 Bucky

Just like ChronoVoid Sheriff, Prime Bucky also represents a more futuristic look, with beautiful sounds and recharging VFX.

However, it has lighter colors, such as gold and white.

Price: 1775 VPs


Glitchpop Judge

Going back to a more colorful theme, I brought another Glitchpop skin for this weapon, Judge.

Price: 2175 VPs


Moving on from shotguns and going to rifles!

Glitchpop Bulldog

Just like Judge, Bulldog also matches Glitchpop's colors and VFX very well, check it out:

Price: 2175 VPs


Gaia's Vengeance Guardian

This skin is from the same line as Ghost's look which was shown here, that one with tree branches around the weapon, remember?

Price: 1775 VPs

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Ion Phantom

With a very modern look, Ion Phantom gives your weapon an energized, beam-type effect.

Price: 1775 VPs


Prelude to Chaos Vandal

One more look coming from Prelude to Chaos, and now to one of the most popular weapons in all Valorant, Vandal!

Price: 2175 VPs


Let's move on to snipers! If you like long-range weapons, check it out!

Gaia's Vengeance Marshal

It might seem repetitive, but there's no ignoring this Gaia's Vengeance skin line. It deserves one more spot in this list, now with Marshal.

Price: 1775 VPs


Spline Operator

It is unique! It's "curly" traces approach a more exotic style, and I at least found it very original! Check it out:

Price: 1775 VPs


Let's move on to the last weapon class, the machine guns!

Minima Ares

The cheaper look in our list! Its "square" and minimalistic style matches Ares a lot. But it isn't as attention-grabbing.

Price: 1275 VPs


The last weapon to complete today's article. To close out beautifully, I will suggest two skins for Odin!

Glitchpop Odin

One of Valorant's most famous skin lines is Glitchpop, and Odin couldn't miss out on it!

Price: 2175 VPs

Reaver Odin

If you don't want Glitchpop, or you're looking for a cheaper look that fits Odin more, consider using Reaver!

Price: 1775 VPs

Final Thoughts

This was today's article! I hope you found some inspiration for your next skin purchase. By the way, have you ever noticed how some older, rare skins seem to vanish? It's interesting how some players have turned to buying Valorant accountslink outside website just to get their hands on those elusive designs. But hey, to each their own, right? If you've got thoughts or other cool skin-hunting tips, drop them in the comments. I always enjoy hearing from fellow gamers. Catch you in the next article!