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Poker-Faced Melodies: The Role of Music in Poker Tournaments

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Music can be heard in many poker tournaments, and it has many roles. It can create suspense, create a fun atmosphere, and help players stay focused. It can also help the tournament flow faster and more smoothly.

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Poker is an alluring game with high tension and excitement all by itself. However, with a touch of the right music, moods can be elevated and set the tone even more when you're playing on the best online poker sites. We examine some of the best uses of music accompanying poker.

Commercial Music Use in Poker

Poker advertising and poker coverage use music to set the mood to appeal to their potential customers. Poker companies set the tone of their advertisements to excite audiences this is usually through the medium of up-tempo atmospheric music mirroring the contemporary music industry trends in an attempt to attract them to the best online poker sites. Instrumental hip-hop and electro-music tend to fit the bill well.


When poker is on television, either live tournaments or other related coverage (documentaries, etc) the editing departments can add in subtle musical elements to help lift the overall presentation. Tension-setting stock music is usually added in to help elaborate the setting (after all it can just be people sitting at a table), although it is harder to do this with live broadcasts. Although non-live media can have a cinematic style presentation which makes a point of increasing the drama, while you can also replicate this at home with your own music and using some of the best us poker siteslink outside website to make sure you play safely and with enjoyment.

A good example of this is in the James Bond movie, Casino Royale from 2006. The use of a dramatic scorelink outside website in the poker scene elevates the drama and overall narrative when James and the primary antagonist are playing a high-stakes poker game. The exceptional use of music helps to set the tone of and importance of each hand.

Professionals with Headphones at the Poker Table

If you’ve ever watched poker on television or simply seen photographs of players at a table, these days it’s not uncommon to see players wearing headphones while playing. Phil Ivey (probably the best poker player in the world right now) periodically wears headphones during some of his games – but not always.

The majority of poker tournaments do not stipulate that the use of headphones or the sub-activity of listening to music while playing poker is prohibited. Some snooty and classic poker venues might scoff at the idea but most accept that it helps some players play their best poker.

While it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what each pro player is listening to, there are a few indications. Some swear by techno or other related dance music which is repetitive and helps them focus. However, a lot of poker players simply just use their pre-existing music tastes and translate them into a poker playlist. Although, it has to be said that some players might simply be listening to music to block out distractions from the rest of the table and room. The music in their ears will block out the incessant chatter from that loud player at the other end of the table, etc.

Some poker players however have simply said they wear headphones for no reason other than to cancel out the noise in the room. Others have said that instead of pumping out the jams, they listen to white noise to keep their mind engaged throughout long-haul poker sessions. It won’t be long until a pro player comes out and says that they are listening to whale song music with their clutch hands.

Background Music on the Poker Apps

When you log on to your favorite online poker app you might have noticed some music in the background. Depending on the quality of said music and/or your preferences, then you might have kept it on or turned it off without little thought. However, have you stopped to think that this could be facilitating a better poker experience?


Some people have reported that they’ve not really enjoyed the music on the sites or apps, especially the higher traffic destinations like PokerStars or GGPoker. While most are fine with just muting their computer, there’s been enough demand for some users to ask why some poker apps stop Spotifylink outside website from working if they are using both apps on their mobile device.

What music should you listen to?

Whether you’re plotting your next playlist for your upcoming poker party or if you’re simply playing alone and want a good soundtrack when you log on to your favorite poker app, the music in the background can play a big role in the overall atmosphere. If you want a frivolous setting then you can go no wrong in including the ‘Ace of Spades’ by Motorhead. If heavy metal isn’t your thing then maybe the country classic, ‘The Gambler’ by Kenny Rogers is better for you. Or for something altogether more contemporary, Lady Gaga’s 2009 hit, Poker Face still stands up as a quality pop song to get the blood flowing. Of course, all three of these are pop songs that were made for music’s sake and not considered to be background music.

Some people will find it hard to concentrate on another activity if the music is too loud or if the lyrics are consistently taking your mind away from the poker. At the end of the day, if you’re concentrating on the music and not the game, you won’t win many games of poker. Consider listening to classical music or instrumental music which in theory should be a lot less distracting.