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What is Apex Legends and why is it popular

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Apex Legends is one of the most popular shooters in the battle royale genre, which appeared in the wake of the popularity of PUBG and the interest of gamers in the new gaming genre.

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Game Basics

Apex is a futuristic shooter with a lot of game mechanics and unique skills that each agent - legend - has.

You can play matches alone, or gather with friends in small groups of up to three people.


All game maps contain a huge number of cases with weapons of different quality, which will help speed up the time of matches and increase the number of games that gamers can play in one gaming session.

Quality of weapons and equipment

Each type of weapon that will be on the game map will differ not only in its type, but also in quality.

This means that inside the case there may be a pistol, machine gun, or rifle waiting for you, which in turn can be of ordinary, rare, epic, or legendary quality, as the color of the weapon on the ground and its designation in the inventory will tell you.

Equipment works the same way - if you are looking for body armor and a shield, then you need to look for them at the second or third level in order to equally counter the enemy with the best equipment and continue to receive a boost in Apex Legends.

Medicines and stimulants

As you play, you will receive damage in battle, and the question will arise about treating and strengthening the hero with additional armor and stimulants in order to increase the overall running speed and the amount of damage that you can absorb without death.

All agents need medicine except Lifeline and Octane, because they have the ability to heal and constantly regenerate health, and all other legends must stock up on first aid kits in order to always be able to restore their health and continue moving on equal terms with other players.

Stimulants will help you increase your health and armor, and at the same time significantly increase your movement speed.

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Before the start of any match, you will choose your agent, whose skills you want to complement your gameplay.

You are waiting for shooters, scouts, tanks, stealthy, or support heroes. Choose your player based on your play style and the mode you choose.

The main legends from which you can choose:

● Bangalore is the most active and multipurpose agent who can use smoke and incendiary grenades against enemies, accelerate himself with the help of individual stimulants and direct artillery strikes at a selected point on the game map.

● Gibraltar is a tank that has part mechanics for attack and part for defense. The main ones are two shields. The first one activates and creates a dome that can cover the player and their allies from most types of damage. The second shield will turn on every time you go into aiming mode. The main skill will also be the ability to direct an artillery strike at a selected point.

● Wraith is a secretive hero who can go into the shadows and get rid of the attention of enemies, but she also loses the ability to attack during this time. Can create and link two points on the game map to allow free movement between them.

● Bloodhound is a hunter who easily finds enemies by the tracks they leave and always senses the location of other players nearby, even if they are in a state of invisibility. Sees nearby all the mines and other traps that other players might have left. As an ultimate skill, you will accelerate your movement speed and all your reflexes, which will help you better aim at enemies.


● Octane is a robot hero who has increased movement speed and passive health regeneration whenever he takes damage. You will have the opportunity to generate supplies for yourself and your allies, which makes him one of the best agents for beginners and quick boosting in Apex Legends.

● Lifeline is an agent and combat medic who uses drones to scout the area, lift and heal allies.

● Pathfinder is a robotic hero for whom there are no obstacles. You can easily climb a high mountain with the help of your hooks, or help your allies do it. You can place the scanner on a high ground to scan and receive information about future changes on the map.

Holding matches

The game itself can be roughly divided into several stages, so that beginners can understand how the match goes and how rank boosting in Apex Legends works out.


All players gather before loading onto the plane, warm up, shoot, jump and just wait until all the participants in the match load up.


All players move into the plane and follow the game map and trajectory to press the unload button and begin the landing stage at the point of your choice. The main thing is not to forget to jump out in principle, otherwise the plane will still throw out all the players who have changed their minds about fighting.

First loot and battles

You will land without any equipment at all, so immediately look for cases in which literally everything will suit you, which will allow you to protect yourself in the first battles, if they suddenly take place.

If possible, simply do not engage in battle and wait until the bulk of the players destroy each other and move towards top 1 status and increased boosting in Apex Legends in safer conditions.

Reducing the playing area

The overall radius of the game map will constantly decrease to force players to constantly compete and get closer to each other, rather than sit on the sidelines and wait for other players to make your robot. This will happen several times until a full-fledged arena remains on the map, where it will be decided who will receive the title of top 1 player in this match and will receive the largest boost in Apex Legends.


This is a drop mechanic, when a valuable case falls from the sky to a random point, and all players will be notified about it. If you are confident in your skills, then you can try your luck, but beginners should definitely avoid such mechanics so as not to die in vain.


Apex is a project from EA Games, which appeared after the influence that PUBG had in the gaming industry.

This is a battle royale format that features a legend system with unique skills that will complement your combat capabilities.

You need to remember that all battles will take place at increased dynamics, which you just need to understand and play many matches.

A large number of weapons of varying quality will be scattered on the game map, which must be searched for and exchanged at the first opportunity. Don't forget about medications and stimulants that will increase your survival time and restore your capabilities even after protracted battles.


Periodically, the playing area will be reduced and reduced to a minimum arena, which will decide the outcome of the entire match and which player will receive their boost in Apex Legends.

If you are confident in your shooting, then you can try to take possession of the airdrop, which periodically falls on a random point on the map for all players and those who wish can compete for it, but if you are a beginner, then it is better to ignore this so as not to die in vain in the middle of the game.

Your main goal will not be to kill as many enemies as possible, but to live as long as possible - after all, you can even just kill the last player and become the winner with minimal impact, so do not rush into adventurous battles, but also do not miss the opportunity to eliminate enemies if they will come into your field of vision.

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2. A guide prepared by the developers from EA Gameslink outside website and which is recommended to be read by all players, not just beginners.

3. A video guidelink outside website that shows all the features and gives recommendations for increasing your rank in Apex Legends.