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What are Some of the Best Lesser Known Card Variants to Learn?

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Discover hidden gems in the world of card games with lesser-known variants like Nertz, Euchre, and Pyramid Solitaire that promise endless fun and challenge for card enthusiasts.

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One of the best things about the rise of the online world has been the availability and accessibility of more card games than ever before. Most classic titles have been digitalized now, and the internet has brought about plenty of fresh options like Runeterra as welllink outside website.

If you’re looking for some different card games to play, it could be a good idea to explore the lesser-known variants on the market. By learning a diverse range of offerings, it can help you improve your overall card game skill set.


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Internet Allows Access to More Card Games Than Ever

As soon as the internet became mainstream, developers scrambled to digitalize card games for the platform. More recently, the live casino market has led this trend to blow up, and there are now more to choose from than ever. The games put players in touch with a real world dealer, and the footage is streamed seamlessly to people in their homes in high definition. 

Along with classic titles like blackjack and baccarat, there are modern twists on these like Blackjack Drops & Wins and Mega Baccarat found in some of the top casinos in Canada. In addition to these live dealer casino Canada titleslink outside website, Western gambling sites are now beginning to introduce card games from other countries in the Eastern world. These include options like Andar Bahar and Dragon Tiger. Offerings such as these represent an opportunity for anyone to learn new card games that they may have never had the chance to enjoy before.

Andar Bahar is a Great Indian Option

In the West, blackjack and poker are the most famous card games. However, this isn’t the case everywhere around the world. In India, Andar Bahar is the best-known offering. It’s renowned for being easy to understand and play, which is why it is now spreading around the planet thanks to the growing live casino scene.

The betting in Andar Bahar is straightforward. All you have to choose is whether to stake on the Andar or Bahar, which mean inside and outside respectively. In doing so, you are staking on where you think a card matching the Game Card will be drawn to.

The dealer starts by dealing a Game Card, and then subsequently peels cards of the deck until one of them matches the Game Card. If it lands on the side at which you placed your bet, you win. This is a game of luck with no real strategy involved, and you have a 50-50 chance of winning.   

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Dragon Tiger is an Excellent Game From Cambodia

Cambodia may be best known for its stunning templeslink outside website and kind people, but it is also home to a card game that’s recently exploded in popularity online. Dragon Tiger has become one of the top live casino titles thanks to its similarities to baccarat.

The aim of the game in Dragon Tiger is to predict whether the Dragon or the Tiger position will receive the higher card. The dealer then places cards on both sides and the one with the higher value wins. If you wager on the correct position, you get an even money return on your stake.

There are countless lesser known card variants online for you to try, and these are just a couple of simple entries to get you started. If you explore live casinos, you’ll encounter plenty of other great options.