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What is Online Magic The Gathering Sealed Deck Card Game

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Here, let us have a look at some of the most valuable required information about Magic the Gathering online game

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Magic the Gathering card game has been around since the early 1990s and the online version has just been around for about 2 decades or two. It may not be as popular as it once was, but it is still the most popular collectible card game in the world, either offline or online. A few people manage to make their living as professional Magic players. It may not be quite as exciting as a poker game, but Magic tournaments have also been shown on various TV channels in the past. Today, most of the casino and gambling websites are equipped with it to retain the gamblers on their platforms and attract more new players as it is one of the most interesting card games.


Getting Started: Putting Your Sealed Deck Tournament Deck Together

The majority of Magic players just view the game as a way to relax and chat with friends, but many players also find engaging in the occasional Magic tournament to be an enjoyable experience. Sealed Deck is a tournament format where a player is given the cards he will make his deck out of upon registration. Once the player has been registered, a deck of 75 random cards and two booster packs will be distributed to all players.. The entry fee for a sealed deck tournament is higher because players purchase the cards they must play with in the tournament.

Sealed Deck Construction Rules

Once the packs and tournament decks are distributed a player will sit down and construct his decs. A sealed deck tournament deck must be made up of at least 40 cards. This differs from the constructed tournaments where tournament decks must be made up of at least 60 cards. A trading session where the player is allowed to trade with other the players with the cards he pulled may or may not be allowed. A sealed deck participant may not trade cards that he had in his collection prior to coming to the tournament. All other rules for tournament Magic play remain the same.

Magic the Gathering Sealed Deck Strategy

The strategy in a sealed deck tournament will focus on putting together best play deck together with the cards you pulled an or managed to trade for. Unlike the normal tournaments where the players who have the largest collection of Magic cards have a distinct advantage, sealed deck tournaments have a much more limited card pool. Some cards that may otherwise be considered worthless will find their way into sealed deck tournament decks only to be pulled apart later. In the early days of Magic, this type of tournament players would play for ante although this has since been removed by the Duelist Convocation International.

Magic the Gathering Winston Draft

Your seaded deck is ready
Your seaded deck is ready

To begin a Winston Draft each player contributes three booster packs worth of cards which are shuffled up into one large pile face down without being seen. This provides players with a 90 card pool from which they will draft. It is possible to draft from a larger pool by simply adding more cards to the pile, but the 90 card minimum is an excellent floor from which to start. After the pile has been shuffled, three cards are dealt off the top faced down to the center of the table, making three separate piles.

The First Player's Turn

After deciding who will go first, the player going first looks at the first pile. If he likes it, he takes it, replacing it with the top card of the draft deck. If he does not like it, he puts it back and adds a card from the top of the draft pile on top of it, without looking at it, making the first pile two cards. He looks at the second pile and does the same thing. If the player looks through all three piles and elects to take nothing, he draws one card off the top of the draft deck and that is his card for the turn.


The Second Player's Turn

The second player will look at the first pile, which is now two cards instead of one, and if they like it, take the whole pile. If they do not, they put it back and add a card from the draft deck onto it, bringing the pile up to three cards. They then look at the second pile. If they decide to take it, they take both cards in the pile and put a card from the deck to replace it.

Completing the Draft

Players continue taking turns drafting cards back and forth until the Draft deck is empty and all three piles on the table are taken. Players then build 40-card draft decks to play.

Play Again, and Again

One of the great things about Winston Draft is it's ability to be replayed. After playing several matches and growing tired of the decks you and your friend drafted, you can simply shuffle all 90 cards back together and draft again. Or if you don't want to draft packs, and prefer to get your draft out of a Cube, you can shuffle up 90 or more cards from your cube into a draft pile and draft from that.

Draft History

Winston Draft is one of the oldest draft formats, created by Richard Garfield, the original creator of Magic, but was relatively unknown outside Wizards of the Coast's corporate headquarters until being introduced as one of the formats featured in the 2007 Magic the Gathering Invitational Tournament.


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