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Is it worth it to get Overwatch 2: Invasion? A new experience in the game!

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Blizzard has brought a few coop missions for Overwatch 2. Check out our analysis and see if it is worth it to get it!

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In this month of August, Overwatch 2link outside website started its 6th season. Besides the new support, Illari, and a new iteration of the Battle Pass, the game has brought the first PvE missions.

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This story was the content that players were expecting the most in the new Season, but the missions will only be available for those who pay the offer of US$15,00, and that is why we have brought you this analysis - to answer most players' questions.


Is Overwatch 2: Invasion worth it?

Story and Missions

We have three available missions, and the first is set in Brazil, more specifically in Rio de Janeiro! Then, we go to Toronto and Gutenberg, respectively.

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The maps are big, and each of them offers around 20 to 25 minutes of playtime, without counting the cutscenes, which are Blizzard's trademark feature. I've always been a fan of their animations and voice acting, and Overwatch 2: Invasion wasn't different!

I imagine that, in total, I spent around 1 hour and 25 minutes (considering the cinematics), which unfortunately is a negative point, as we're talking about paid content (U$15,00). But that doesn't mean it is bad, on the contrary! It is so cool that I was left wanting more.

About the story, our duty is to fight the Null Sector invasion, an omnic freedom group led by Ramattra, which uses violence to conquer rights. This incursion makes Winston recruit Overwatch again.

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We have a select group of heroes to play, based on the sequence of events in the story, so we play different characters in each phase!

Gameplay and Experience

Certainly, the experience is unique and very fun.

In particular, I was reminded of when I was completing the campaign quests in Destiny 2link outside website, and maybe that was just me. It is very cool to feel immersed in a good story (even more so with the incredible Blizzard cutscenes) and destroy robots for 20 or 30 minutes. I'm sure you'll enjoy it, particularly if you play with friends.

As for the gameplay in itself, aside from what was already mentioned, it is a bit common. We're still talking about Overwatch, and we'll shoot and use abilities to defeat enemies. However, we'll have to accomplish some particular goals established by the plot during certain times, such as protecting an innocent person, or look for batteries to charge a capsule, which helps keep the game fresh.

Graphics, Ambience and Sound Effects

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Exceptional! That is the word to describe these traits in the story!

The immersion is great, and the graphics and sound effects are greatly responsible for this. The ambience can picture each city well, such as the beaches in Rio de Janeiro or the architecture of homes in Gutenberg.

The script and sound effects present in between missions are wonderful too. It is a perfect mix of technical brilliance.


The missions are available in four playable difficulties: Normal, Hard, Expert and Legendary.

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I confess I only played on Normal and Hard, and I didn't risk playing after that. I thought it was pretty easy to play, as it isn't hard, but you have to be careful, particularly when you're protecting some NPC (in Toronto, for instance). I lost twice in that phase due to being distracted.


I even tried playing in the hardest mode, Legendary, but I had a problem I'll mention in the next topic;

Match Queue

This might be the most frustrating topic for your experience with Invasion, in case you don't have any friends to play with. I had a lot of trouble with that.

When playing at Normal and Hard difficulties, the lines took around 1 to 2 minutes, nothing unusual, right?

The problem is that, usually, in case you reach the 2-minute mark, the game places you with bots to complete my team, which can happen frequently and affect those who enjoy that team interaction.

Maybe this mechanic of adding bots into your match only happens on the lower difficulties, because I tried accessing the first mission (Rio de Janeiro) in Legendary mode to give you all a full review, and I literally didn't get a chance to test it out. I was in queue for 10 minutes without being able to play, even with bots.

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Overwatch 2 Invasion: Is it worth it?

We have reached the most expected part in the article, my verdict regarding Overwatch 2's Invasion!

It is fun and unusual in Overwatch 2. You'll be greatly immersed with the great ambience and cutscenes.

However, I feel that the story didn't go that deep, maybe because it is only based on three missions. And, as we mentioned this subject, the content itself was quite short, and can be finished in less than an hour and a half, which doesn't justify the price set by the company.

The problems listed above about finding matches also harmed my experience. Playing 25 minutes of a mission alone, with just bots by my side, really isn't what players expect from a coop mode, much less waiting 10 minutes in queue without being able to get in. I, myself, wasn't able to play the story in Legendary mode because of that.

For me, Overwatch 2: Invasion gets a 6.8 out of 10 (considering the price).

Of course that, if you have friends to close out a team (eliminating the queue problems), are a big fan of the franchise and have some money lying around to spend, you'll certainly enjoy it and it will be worth it.