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Overwatch 2: Best Heroes for the Rise of Darkness Season - Tierlist

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Today, we'll see the best heroes to climb the ranks in Overwatch 2, besides checking out the new event, Le Sserafim x Overwatch 2.

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It isn't always easy to climb ranks in a game, particularly in a game that requires teamwork like Overwatch 2, and that is why today I will bring you the best heroes to help you with this journey!

We'll also discuss the new event featuring Le Sserafim, the K-Pop group.


Let's start with the frontline, the tanks!


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The Null Sector leader (Overwatch's enemy group) is the first to appear today. Even with a different feel than other heroes, Ramattra has been one of the stand-out stars when it comes to tanks, and is recommended by most players.


We're talking about a more offensive tank that resembles Doomfist a lot, so, you must be more aggressive during battles, which is different from playing Reinhardt or Sigma, for instance.

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Orisa is a robot built by a genius 11-year-old girl. Its goal is to defend its city (Numbani) and use its powers for good!

Orisa is much more flexible than Ramattra, and can be used to be offensive or protect its team.

The Energy Javelin ability is living proof of that. By activating it, this hero throws a dart that pushes the enemy back. If this enemy is pushed against a wall, they will be stunned. For those that are familiar with League of Legends, this skill is quite similar to Vayne's E.

With this ability, we can slay an opponent instantly if they are thrown off the map, and, at the same time, you can use this ability to push back an opponent that is threatening your allies.

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I risk saying this hero has one of the strongest ultimates in Overwatch 2, considering Terra Surge attracts nearby opponents to Orisa, besides charging up an extremely strong AoE attack. The more you charge it, the more damage you'll deal.

This hero also gets anchored down when it activates its ultimate, so it isn't possible to stun it or cancel its ability.

It is a very flexible hero and somewhat easy to play. If you want to advance, just turn on Fortify and run straight to the higher number of enemies, then you'll just need to ult!


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After listing two tanks that are more aggressive, it's time to discuss the astrophysicist who, after a catastrophic experiment, acquired the power to control gravity. Sigma is the hero that can absorb most damage in the entire game, which is quite different from the previous ones.

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The only way you can push for kills will be with Accretion, which is a giant rock that deals a reasonable amount of damage, besides stunning the enemy. I suggest that, when you use Accretion, you point-click in that same direction, because, if you hit your enemies with this ability, they'll be stunned and will take the other hit as well, and will most likely be defeated.

Finally, use the shield to protect your team, and, when it is running out, use Kinetic Grasp to absorb all enemy projectiles. The damage dealt by these projectiles will be converted into a shield for you.


Now, we'll discuss the most popular class in the game, DPS!


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This is one of the greatest engineers in the world! Torbjörn, the swede, created several clink clanks and weapons that helped Overwatch end the Omnic Crisis.


We mentioned a few more offensive tanks, and now our first DPS is a hero that is a bit more defensive, how ironic!

Torbjörn wants to play carefully. We're talking about a more strategic character, who might not be the best option for beginners.

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Firstly, his weapon can deal damage at short or long range, so pay attention in battles to know exactly how to swap between shooting styles.

His main ally is the Turret, and the biggest tip I can give you is: get familiar with the maps and look up what are the best places to position it.

The same observation goes for his Ultimate; get familiar with the maps to abuse this ability as best as you can.

Soldier: 76

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It's time to talk about Overwatch's old commander. Jack Morrison (Soldier: 76) travels the world hunting down the ones responsible for the organization's demise.

This hero is for those who like classic FPS heroes, enjoy just running and shooting, and not using abilities as much. I also recommend him to players.

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You can see he is very simple: he runs, throws explosives and heals himself.

He is perfect when you have Lucio or Moira in your team, for instance, because they are supports that can't heal as much. So, you'd have an extra source of healing to regenerate your allies' health.

Two main tips: Prioritize standing somewhere above your enemies, increasing your chances of hitting a headshot. Finally, know exactly when to use his ultimate. Tactical Visor literally makes you hit every shot, so save it to use it when the enemy team doesn't have any shields available, or when you have allies to defend you; otherwise you'll just die as you don't have much health.


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It's time to discuss my favorite DPS! Torbjorn's partner, Bastion was on the front lines in the Omnic Crisis.

Bastion is the perfect DPS for tank fans, because he has more health (and has armor, by the way) than other damage heroes.

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I consider him quite easy to play. We have the option of alternating between attack configuration (slow tank, but high damage output percentage) and recon configuration (mobile and precise, but less damage).

I'll just advise you to not swap between modes all the time, considering this ability has a long recharge countdown.

Prioritize using his ultimate when enemies are close to one another, increasing your kill potential, and keep an eye out for when they're claiming a spot or pushing a load, because these are usually the moments they group together more frequently.

By the way, it's worth stressing that, during overtime, his ultimate can force enemies to get away from the objective, ending the game.



Let's head on to the last class, Supports!


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Ana is one of Overwatch's founders, and is known as the best sniper in the world!

As I mentioned the fact she is a great sniper, you must have imagined she uses a long-range weapon, right?

With this weapon, you can deal damage to enemies, but also heal allies. Keep in mind that you can toggle your aim by clicking the right mouse button.

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It is essential you know the best time to use Biotic Grenade. It heals allies and cuts down your opponent's healing. It's also worth stressing that this grenade increases the efficiency of all healing sources in your team, including your long-range weapon.

Nano Boost is Ana's ultimate. You'll only be able to activate it when you target an ally, and this ally will have their damage increased, besides being dealt less damage. I prioritize using this ultimate on Tanks, who are in the frontlines. It is quite strong and will surprise you.

In case you like snipers and prioritize long-range, Ana is your hero!


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Kiriko is Japanese, and her parents are members of the Shimada clan. She learned the art of ninjutsu with her mother, besides healing abilities with her grandfather. Ever since, her goal is to rid the Shimada clan of their rivals, the Hashimotos.

She has two movements with the mouse: using one button you'll release healing talismans to your allies, and using the other one you'll shoot a kunai to deal damage to your opponents.

Don't underestimate Kiriko's damage, because, even though she is a Support, she can slay enemies if some of her kunais hit opponents' heads.

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She is a support for those who like agility. Train your reflexes to use Swift Step, because this ability allows you to teleport to an ally. It is great to heal them if they are almost dead, and will also be useful to escape threats yourself.

Her ultimate is Kitsune Rush, in which Kiriko releases the spirit of a fox that leaves a trail behind when it runs. Use it when your team is grouping, because allies that are in this trail get movement speed and bonus attack, besides recharging their abilities faster!

She is quite fun and strong. I've always seen Supports playing Kiriko competitively, and you are sure to climb many ranks if you dominate this hero. However, I feel she is a bit harder to play with. I recommend it to more experienced players.


As I'm already here, I'll announce Overwatch 2's new partnership, which features the K-Pop group, Le Sserafim. This event brought various cosmetics and a new game mode for a limited time: from November 1st to 20th.


Overwatch 2 Free Skins

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During this period, we'll have 11 challenges available that will grant us XP for the Battle Pass, besides exclusive cosmetics. One of them is the Junkrat legendary skin: Fawksey James.

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Blizzard also brought some exclusive offers to fans. I managed to play them all and loved them! They were all extremely well-made.

The offers are for the following heroes: Kiriko, Tracer, Sombra, Brigitte and D.Va. You can acquire them one by one (2.500 coins each), or all together with the Le Sserafim Mega Bundle (6.800 coins).

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Each offer comes with: a skin, an emote, a victory pose and a name card. In Kiriko's case, we also get a gun buddy.

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Naturally, the Mega Bundle brings all these heroes' cosmetics, alongside Kiriko's gun buddy.

Play with the New Skins in the Special Game Mode

Play as Dazzle D.Va, Traysi Tracer, Kira-Kira Kiriko, BB Briggite or Slay Star Sombra in the new game mode, Concert Clash! - This is a 3v3 battle in which your goal is to hoard tickets for Le Sserafim's new concert. Only be careful, because, if you're slain, all tickets will fall to the ground for your opponents to get! As time goes on, the "boss", Junkrat Fawksy James, will show up to defeat you.

Once a ticket machine is destroyed, a new control point will appear; dominate this place to bank more tickets. Reach 25 tickets banked to win the match.

Adding a little bit of mayhem to the ticket rush, Fawksy James will crash into both teams in an attempt to steal tickets for himself. You’ll want to stop him and take back the tickets and the stolen concert light stick he’s been hoarding! Turning in the light stick at the control point will reward a huge bonus which can clinch victory or get a trailing team back into the game.

Final Words

I hope you liked today's article! Tell us down below if you agree or not with this tierlist! Were there any heroes missing?

If you have any questions about Overwatch 2, you're welcomed to comment down below, because it will be a pleasure to answer you! Cheers and good luck in ranked!