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Best 5 Tips for League of Legends Betting with Bitcoin

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A selection of five of the most important tips for League of Legends online betting with Bitcoin!

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The eSports world has grown significantly in recent decades, and has become a powerful niche market for the most varied careers: from professional player, coach, platforms dedicated to journalistic coverage of the events, and, of course, the career of a professional betting in digital games.

As with traditional sports, the rise of the internet and cryptocurrencies has brought a variety of options to the betting market, allowing for example to bet on League of Legends with Bitcoinlink outside website, but what exactly separates a professional from an inconsequential person? In this article, we try to elaborate five essential tips for you to start your career as a bettor in the League of Legends universe!


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Five Tips for Betting on League of Legends with Bitcoin

The betting market is a high risk and high rewards environment, so it's natural that some people are afraid to start their journey in this career. Fortunately, eSports is a place where cryptocurrency aficionados tend to know very well, so they are more inclined to study the gaming environment to hone their skills in making good decisions with their wallets. Take a look for Bitcoin for beginnerslink outside website.

So, below, we list five key factors and tips that you need to keep in mind as you delve deeper into this universe.

1 - Keep your emotions in check

Betting is naturally a game that stirs our emotions and instincts. It brings a feeling of excitement when we win, an incessant frustration when our choices go wrong. Therefore, it is easy to end up losing focus and making inconsequential decisions due to an emotional surge.

At the end of the day, it's always important to point out that a betting career is a mix of elements that require you to think coldly before acting, such as risk management and a calculated analysis of your odds, plus a little bit of personal instinct and a bit of acceptance that sometimes things can just go wrong.

So, if you feel like you're being overwhelmed by a sort of euphoria or disgust, take some time for yourself to relax and find the inner stability to avoid making mistakes by acting on impulse. Calmly think about what seems most fruitful for the reality of your finances, while avoiding compromising them for no reason.

Finally, be patient and don't think that fortune will come from one week to the next when you start to get a streak of good results, and it won't be because of a choice that went wrong that you should give up halfway - a bit of self-compassion is a must to avoid getting carried away.

2 - Understand the risks involved

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Be realistic with yourself: it's not easy to make a profit through betting. It's possible, but it's not easy and establishing this inside your head will help to understand that you, especially as a beginner, are much more likely to lose than to win and this is a natural part of the game.

So don't be fooled into thinking that starting to have an increase in earnings and even a recurring source of income through betting will be a simple journey and with few steps, it requires training, knowledge, experience, practice and, of course, a bit of luck.

We don't say this to discourage you, on the contrary, it is to encourage your sense of responsibility with yourself by being aware of how this market works, so we can move on to the third tip:

3 - Have a good control of your finances

Effective management of your finances is essential to maintain a healthy relationship with betting, and there are several ways to create this habit, but the most recommended is to set a limit on how much you can spend to avoid unnecessary risks by investing and losing more than you can really afford.


Creating a strategy to have an effective money management is essential for professional betting, and a good way to do this is to separate your winnings into a different wallet from your other sources of income. This way, you can better control how much you bet and what your profits and losses were, which is also a critical point to develop your approach for each circumstance.

4 - Understand the game you are betting on

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It's no use wanting to bet if you don't know how that game works, especially in League of Legends.

So, the first thing you should do (if you haven't already) is play the game, understand its mechanics, do research on which champions are showing better results, keep an eye out for patches and nerfs, and interact directly with the online community can help to gain an understanding of the people's general sense of relevant topics both inside and outside the competitive world.

This knowledge will enrich your experience with the game and, above all, will help you make more conscious decisions and develop concise strategies within the reality, in addition to being essential for the last of our tips.

5 - Study the game's competitive scene

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Understanding League of Legends is important, but understanding its competitive scene is essential as most of your decisions will be based on your knowledge about the players and teams, so try to get to know the players, follow them on social media, evaluate their performance at major events, and try to keep an eye on eSports news regarding signings, layoffs and team results at major events.

Also, whenever you consider betting on a match, consider whether these two teams have played each other before, what the players' selections were and which one was the winner on that occasion and try to understand what led them to victory. Although there is an infinity of variances in the games, these points are vital to consider when placing your currency in the result of one of them.

You can also go even deeper and look to evaluate the results of players during the current season compared to previous ones as, just like in traditional sports, they can be in better or worse shape, or more or less motivated.


At the end of the day, the path to a professional betting career requires a great deal of knowledge of what you are betting and a good dose of awareness, self-compassion, emotional control and a calculating analysis of the risks involved. We hope with this article to solve some of your doubts.