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Black Ops: A Return to Form for the Call of Duty Franchise

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Looking to win more matches in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War? Check out these 5 tips to get along!

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Shooting games can be more complex than you think, it is necessary to improve in several points to go up in rank, such as aim, movement and settings. This will help you in the game and bring benefits even with schoollink outside website.

That's why today I brought 5 tips to help you!

Tip 1: Configure your game

There are important settings that must be readjusted for a better game experience, mainly visual.

Seeing the graphics options, we can find “Loss of focus by movement”, I indicate that you disable this mechanic. Motion loss of focus makes your vision a little blurry when moving the camera quickly, making it difficult to identify enemies.


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Another fundamental point is the field of view, the famous FOV. You can number this field from 60 to 120, and it will increase or decrease the height and width of your view.

By increasing the FOV, we have the impression of seeing the scenery from afar, having a better perception of what is around us. However, it is not recommended to just increase the field of view up to 120, as this also has disadvantages, when we see a scene from afar, we cannot observe the details, and sometimes we even have doubts about an object in the place, in addition to the fact that the enemies would be smaller, which makes them harder to hit.

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So, I suggest that you test the FOV until you find an ideal number for you, not so low that you don't have a sense of the location, but not so high that you confuse items and make combat difficult.

I particularly like to use 100, but remember that this setting is something personal, see which number makes you feel more comfortable.

Right below the FOV, we find the option “Field of View of the Crosshair”, I recommend that you leave it in “Independent”, to increase your focus when you open the crosshairs.

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Tip 2: Keep shooting!

If you've played CS:GO or VALORANT, you're certainly used to killing or dying with 1 or 2 shots, but in Cold War players contain more health, so it takes numerous bullets to finish off a target.

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So keep shooting until you're sure you've finished off your opponent.

It may seem like an obvious tip, however, I (many times) fit a headshot and already reloaded or dropped the weapon, but then the opponent was still alive and killed me. It is necessary to keep this in mind and change your habit.

Tip 3: Adapt and have multiple classes

Call of Duty Black Ops has always brought class mechanics to multiplayer matches, and Cold War is no different. To assemble a class, you choose a primary and secondary weapon, as well as some utilities and perks.

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Having several classes ready will be fundamental, since each map in Cold War contains a characteristic, some are more open, others are more closed, benefiting some types of weapons in specific.

For example, a submachine gun excels in close-range combat, being far more efficient than an assault rifle. In case of a more closed map, players with a submachine gun class, focused on short range, will be favored.

That's why we need to adapt, it's no use having 3 or 4 classes ready, if you just want to play sniper, for example. Understand and train with each type of weapon to be a complete player and stand out.

In case you are not so good at creating a class, search the internet for the most famous ones to get inspired.

Note: Weapons contain an XP level, releasing new accessories when evolving, remember to upgrade them by putting on the best equipment.


Tip 4: Watch your aim

When we talk about evolving in a shooting game, aim is probably already the first topic that crosses your mind because it really is important and makes a difference to winning. Unfortunately, there are several hacks circulating in multiplayer games, so we must always improve our aim to overcome them, including, Call of Duty Black Ops cheats can be found outside website


The first point to improve your aim is sensitivity, this subject could have been mentioned in the configuration part, but as it is also part of the aim, I preferred to put it here.

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I can't just pass on my sensitivity to you because it's contraindicated to just copy someone's configuration. Sensitivity is even more personal than the FOV mentioned at the beginning of the article.

But I mentioned it here to call your attention, always try to test new sensitivities, until you find the perfect one for you. Remembering that by increasing it, her aim will be lighter, and by decreasing it, she will be heavier.

“Between Targeted”

This term is widely used in FPS, entering aimed is nothing more than directing your aim in a place where there is the possibility of having an opponent.

I'll give an example to make it clearer, when entering a house, don't enter looking straight, but looking at the corners of the walls. Let's use that same logic again, you're on a street where there's a car, don't pass it just looking straight ahead, walk already shifting your aim behind the car because there may be an opponent waiting for you there, understand?

Another tip is to always walk around with the crosshairs at head height, walking around aiming at the ground or the sky will get in your way a lot if you enter combat.


Nothing better than practice, right? So train hard!

I suggest that you create custom rooms against bots, to train your aim and warm up before online matches.

Take the opportunity to play on several different maps, we'll talk about this in the last tip,

Tip 5: Learn about the scenarios

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Just like CS:GO or VALORANT, games that I've used as examples here, in Cold War it's also critical to understand each map, both to know which class and weapon to use, and to take advantage of the best places or pixels and benefit from the confrontation.

There are numerous advantages in knowing the maps, in addition to those already mentioned, we can talk about movement. It is essential to always be one step ahead of enemies, getting a kill or two from behind can change the course of the game.

There's no secret, just playing to decorate the maps, that's why in the last tip I said to take advantage of the custom matches. Against bots, you can pay more attention to locations.


That's all for today, I hope you enjoyed our article, any questions you can leave here in the comments, I'll love to answer them! Strong hug and see you!