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How to Choose the Best Valorant Betting Sites 2023

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Looking to bet on Valorant in 2023? This article provides a concise guide on how to select the top Valorant betting sites for a safe and enjoyable gambling experience.

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Esports is growing fast and Valorant took an important part in that section for sure. Its competitive scene is still flourishing so numerous betting sites already offer to place a bet on the strongest teams and players. But before starting betting it's important to learn more about the game’s interface and find secure Valorant gambling sites with a clear reputation and guarantee of fast withdrawals. In this guide, you will find more information about leading betting sites in 2023, their benefits, and promotions to find the best offer.


How We Rank the Best Valorant Betting Sites

Discovering the fascinating world of Valorant online you can enjoy the high odds and wide betting line. This game with its simple rules and huge number of competitions is one of the best for profitable betting. But to make a bet and be sure about your safety select only secure sites. More information and TOP websites can be found below.

Reputation and Legitimacy

Impeccable reputation and legal legitimacy are the key criteria for choosing a reliable bookmaker. Therefore, when compiling the rating, we have studied each site, checking the availability of a license and compliance with current regulatory requirements. By choosing a sportsbook from the rating on the site, you can be sure the 1 Valorant crypto bettinglink outside website will be safe and reliable. But still always read the bookmaker's rules before placing a bet on Valorant match.

Bonus Offers and Promotions

The value of Valorant betting markets is also influenced by the availability of lucrative bonuses and personalized offers. The attractiveness of existing esports bonuses on each platform, conditions of their activation, and wagering were analyzed as well. Among the most common offers in esports betting are a welcome bonus, free bets, and a loyalty program.

Payment Options and Security

Security and speed of payment processing are equally important criteria when choosing a bookmaker for Valorant betting. We evaluated the choice of available payment methods, including traditional and cryptocurrency options. We also studied the speed of money withdrawal and the presence of commissions for money transactions. All gambling sites from this rating guarantee reliable protection of their users' financial information.

Customer Support and User Experience

Quality customer service is an important factor in making Valorant betting easy and enjoyable. That’s why all esports betting sites carry intuitive navigation and fast handling of customer queries. So when you bet on Valorant in one of these sportsbooks, you can take advantage of live chat or another opportunity to contact customer support for more information.

How does Valorant betting work?

Valorant betting has similar rules as traditional but the coefficients here are often much higher. To place a bet on the event, a sportsbook client should sign up and deposit. Right after he can select the match and add the outcomes to the basket by selecting the stake size. There are two formats in Esports betting: live and pre-match.

Different types of betting on Valorant

The Valorant line contains unique outcomes you couldn’t find for traditional sports events. For betting there will be available stakes on:

• match winner;

• handicap;

• first blood;

• total maps played, etc.!

The betting line during the game (live format) will be more comprehensive than in pre-match with higher coefficients and additional outcomes.


Types of Bonuses on Valorant Bookmakers

For Valorant fans, sportsbooks offer temporary and permanent bonuses. Here are the most popular:

• Welcome offer;

• Free Money Bonus;

• Matched Bonus;

• Super Odds!

These are only some Valorant offers you can find in sportsbooks from this page. Esports betting is also about personal promotions for loyal clients.

3 Tips for Betting on Real Money Valorant Betting Websites

Valorant betting will be successful for those bettors who will follow the next simple tips:

1. Learn the rules and terminology of the Valorant, as well as familiarize yourself with the gameplay and cards. By understanding the game and the capabilities of the agents you will be able to make a correct prediction of the event, selecting the most promising outcomes.

2. Study the meta thread. Bettors need to keep up with the latest strategies and agent picks. To prepare accurate predictions, you need to know the teams well, the strengths and weaknesses of the players, the availability of substitutions, and the level of motivation before the game.

3. Use Valorant statistics. Based on team results and players’ dynamics, you will prepare accurate predictions by choosing the best outcomes to bet on!

Make your stakes only on secure sites from the rating on this page.

Bottom line

Valorant betting can be simple and profitable if the bettor understands the rules of the game. Important to find secure sites and use bonuses for the fast bankroll amount increase.