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Pokémon GO Mobile Game Done Wonders for Card Popularity

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A new generation of gamers fell in love with the game Pokemon GO when it was released in 2016, but also got them interested in the cards as well.

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How Pokémon GO Helped Its Cards Popularity?

Talk about the global phenomenon. The year 2016 was the one in which we were so close to having zombies on the streets. However, this was not the usual type of undead we watched in our favorite zombie flicks such as Walking Dead. No, this was a whole new level of craziness which means that the good people from Niantec did an amazing job. They decided to use a well-known brand, that was deep in the hearts of its fans, and create an app that would become an absolute hit. It was so big that it influenced all other content from the popular brand. We are talking about Pokémon GO of course.


What Is Pokémon GO?

With the technological advancements that are present around us, we are looking for more immersive and fun digital content. Websites like strafe.comlink outside website are gaining more popularity due to the fun and exciting offers they have. It is no wonder that a brand like Pokémon wanted to create a free-to-play mobile app. It was published on the 20th anniversary of its first release to increase the hype from the fans. And they were overwhelmed by both the gameplay and the long-waited content from Pokémon. The gameplay was revolutionary and simple.

Using the technology called Augmented Reality, players could use their phones to turn their real surroundings into a game. Using their phone’s camera and GPS, players could run around in their city and look for the Pokémon monsters. They could be found in various places they used to visit, such as parks, markets, malls, schools, and others. The players would need to run to them when they appear on maps and collect them before anyone else. There were also places that players could visit to train their already captured monsters or gather some knowledge about the game and new ones.

The Impact on Pokémon Cards

As we already know, there was a lot of content about Pokémon before this game, such as video games, shows, cards, toys, and more. Yet Pokémon GO was a game changer. With the right and innovative technology and applying it to the appropriate market and a new generation of gamers, it achieved success. A fresh new idea and the ability to step from the comfort zone allowed the brand to hit the market yet again. Even create new animations for the Netflix streaming platformlink outside website, among other things. It was a hit with a whole new group of fans, who became interested in all that came before, like Pokémon trading and playing cards for example. They were wondering how fun the card game was, and they were not disappointed.


The visionary thinking from the Niantic, allowed the brand that was present for two decades to win the fans once again. Using Augmented Realitylink outside website, a mobile game was developed and amazed the gaming community. The success of the game allowed all the previous content to be played by the new generation of gamers, such as Pokémon cards among others.