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The Famous Card Game Hearthstone Is Incredibly Popular

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Players of digital card games will probably have their favorites that will differ from one to another. But all their lists of favorites will include Hearthstone.

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History and Popularity of Hearthstone

One of the most popular digital collectible card games is Hearthstone, the game that used the fame of the Warcraft series to win the hearts of its gamers. It was developed by Blizzard Entertainment and released in 2014 for Windows and macOS devices. Not long after that, the versions for Android and iOS were released expanding the gaming community. The response was extremely positive, as Warcraft fans were so in love with the franchise that they wanted more content, and the card game enthusiasts wanted to check out the new game from their favorite genre. The years after the release brought only success to this game.


The Origin of Hearthstone

The first title of the game was Heroes of Warcraft, as the game leaned on Warcraft’s lore heavily. All the heroes, relics, and other familiar things from the game were inducted into the newly created Heroes of Warcraft. The game is a battle between two players, in which they use their decks to come on top. They both have a chosen hero, and each has a special power that can be activated. The decks consist of 30 cards. There are also items that the players can use to create an advantage in the battle.

Besides the gameplay, the game has other convenient mechanics that the players simply love. The matches offer the players rewards, which can be in-game gold, cards, or other prizes. Everyone loves prizes, like the ones that can be won at sweepstakescasino.comlink outside website, and similar sites. To advance in the game, players can gather new cards in different ways. There are missions, or better said in-game quests, that the players can complete through playing. The rewards for completing them are new cards, or if you don’t want to wait, you can always make in-game purchases called microtransactions.

The Popularity of Hearthstone

We are guessing that even the people in Blizzard were not expecting this kind of global popularity that Hearthstone achieved. Maybe some of the characters from Warcraft like the Death Knightlink outside website helped with that. The game has more than 100 million registered users worldwide, and in the last three years, it gathered around 2 billion USD in revenue. Daily there are 50 million battles that are played between players. These statistics encouraged game developers to create expansions like The Witchwood and The Journey to Un’Goro which were also a huge hit with the gaming community. The game is so popular that the players love it even when they are not playing it. Streamers on popular streaming platforms such as Kick or Twitch are using Hearthstone as a favorite game for their contentlink outside website. And the viewers are showing their appreciation.


Being one of the most popular digital card games, and probably the most recognizable, created a strong army of fans and gamers. To be honest, this game had a kickstart since it used the popularity of Warcraft, which was already a hit. All the familiar heroes can be seen here, in a whole new genre, and the players react extremely positively.