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Proven Strategies to Play Online Magic the Gathering Card Game

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Here, in this article, we will not have discussion on the definition of it, but try to learn the strategies to be used to end up with winning result.

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Lately, online gamblers are getting more inclined to a particular card game on various casino websites and it is the Magic the Gathering. The game is highly addictive and is equipped with all the required features to attract new digital gamers.

The first and foremost popular strategy for Magic the Gathering players involves removing the opponents cards from their hand. The basic idea here is to deny the opponent he or she needs to win the game. Do note that two colors will dominate discard decks and these are black and blue. Magic decks that use this color combination of black and blue are often referred to by players as bruise decks. A mono black Magic discard deck is possible, but the single color discard deck will suffer from a significant, namely a way of returning the cards the Magic discard deck player's opponent put into play into their hand and back into their graveyard.


Once a Magic the Gathering player has decided to build a discard deck as his deck theme, getting the appropriate cards together will be first step in deck construction. The two card types that should comprise the deck are discard cards which are black in color and bounce cards which are blue.

A discard card is a card that forces an opponent to put cards in his hand to the graveyard, and a bounce card is a card that returns a card in play to an opponent's hand. For the Magic player that has access to the older card sets such as Fallen Empires, the best discard card is in fact the Hymn to Tourach, which forces an opponent to discard two cards at random from his hand.

So far, this is just the basics of the strategies of Magic the Gathering. Let us take a deep look at something more below.

Specters: the Discard Player's Flying Friends

The creatures available for use in a discard deck include a variety of rats and specters. With the recent reprinting of the hypnotic specter in the fresh edition, that card is easier for players just entering or re-entering the game to obtain. The reprinted hypnotic specter is rare in the new sets rather than uncommon as it was in the sets in which it was originally printed. Other specters that should make it in your deck to round it out are the Abyssal Specter, originally from Ice Ages, and the Shimian Specter which forces an opponent to go through his deck and remove all non-land cards with the same name as the card discarded. The Abyssal and the Hypnotic specter are similar in function, but the Hypnotic Specter is a 2/2 which force a random discard while the Abyssal Specter is a slightly higher casting cost 2/3 which lets your player pick.

Rats Help Destroy An Opponents Hand

Many rats have a discard ability worth looking at, and while the Mindstab Thrall from the Fallen Empires Magic the Gathering set may not look like much, forcing your opponent to discard 3 cards early in the game can be quite devastating.

Adding Blue Cards for your Late Game Strategy

Going with all black is well and good but after a few rounds, an opponent will no longer have any cards in his or her hand. This where the bounce part of the Magic the Gathering Discard deck comes in. Blue players normally load up on counter spells, but for this part you will want to go for the spells that return permanents to the owners hand such as Unsummon, Remove Soul or Boomerang.

Bringing it all Together

Many bounce spells are instants, but the point in using the bounce strategy in the discard deck is not to delay an opponent, but to deny an opponent the resources he already has on the playing field. A discard player should play the bounce he has spells on his main phase. This allows the discard player to send the cards back to his opponent's hand before the discard deck player attacks with the creatures he has that force his or her opponent to discard. Once the playing field is as clear as it can be of opposing creatures, the Magic the Gathering discard deck player should take his attack phase. The goal of the game is still to get your opponent down to zero life, but the strategy employed is resource denial.


Magic the Gathering discard decks are effective, but as they tend to annoy other players, it is probably best to leave them for competitive play instead of bringing a discard deck out for casual play. However, statistics reveal that casual players are more in number in the online version of Magic the Gathering. Well, let us proceed to the verdict part finally.


Like all online card games, Magic the Gathering is highly addictive. It is equipped with all the required features to retain the players and simultaneously invite new players in good number. It is carefully designed and developed to retain the flavor of offline Magic the Gathering. However, different casino websites house the game in slightly different format to give a feel of their own identity to online gamblers.

Online card games are either played free as a trial or by using money. Most players go with the second option with the intention to earn money by winning the games. However, it is a reality that gambling is not always in a favorable condition and winning always is a distant dream. Losses are synonymous to gambling and players should know how to gracefully embrace the losses. But chasing the losses turn up to be a big mistake. The act may lead to further losses and ruin the player financially. This is the reason many experts suggest to play within the risk attitude. One should understand when to quit gambling for the day or time-being. Visit this sitelink outside website for more information.